Dart Announces Certification of Sliding Door Hinge Kit for AS350/355

Dart Announces Certification of Sliding Door Hinge Kit for AS350/355 14 Jan, 10, Source: Dart Helicopter Services

DART Helicopter Services is pleased to announce that their affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd., has received Transport Canada, FAA and EASA approvals for their Sliding Door Hinge Kit for the AS 350 / AS 355 series of aircraft.

The DART Sliding Door Hinge Kit modifies the OEM sliding door to a forward opening hinge door.  These kits alleviate sliding door track and roller inspection requirements and costly repairs.  This simple design provides a gas spring assisted door that smoothly opens for easy passenger loading.

The DART Sliding Door Hinge Kit also makes that aircraft compatible with DART Spacepodsâ„¢ and other baggage compartment extenders.

Product Benefits:

  • Alleviates Necessity for mandatory 100 hr track and roller inspections
  • Uses existing OEM sliding door
  • Components feature scratch resistant powder coat finish
  • Gas spring assist in door opening and closing and keeps door in the open position

“DART hinge kit for the sliding door is a solution that increases the aircraft’s compatibility options, thereby increasing the operational and contractual possibilities.  Add to this the fact that this kit removes components with high maintenance and replacement requirements and you’ve got a kit that is both economical and functional.”  Quote Bill Beckett, General Manager, DART Aerospace Ltd.

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