Lieutenant Commander from 750 NAS clocks up 7,000 hours

Lieutenant Commander from 750 NAS clocks up 7,000 hours 3 Feb, 10, Source: Royal Navy

One of the Royal Navy pilots at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose has clocked up more than 7000 hours in the air.  Lieutenant Commander Nick Lee of 750 Naval Air Squadron passed that milestone recently and received a congratulatory cake from Lieutenant Commander Nick Armstrong, the Commanding Officer of the Squadron, to mark the occasion.

Lt Cdr Nick Lee joined the Royal Navy in 1983 as an aircrew officer and after a period of officer training at Dartmouth, began flying training in 1984.  He then completed his Basic Flying Training at 705 Naval Air Squadron based at RNAS Culdrose, flying the Gazelle before converting to the Seaking Mk5 and joining 824 Naval Air Squadron, moving with the Squadron to HMS Gannet in Scotland.

Since then he has moved between Cornwall, Yorkshire (on an instructing tour with the Royal Air Force), Yeovilton and Plymouth.  He has accumulated these hours on numerous aircraft types including the Chipmunk, Grob, Firefly, Gazelle, Seaking (MkV and MkVI) and both marks of Naval Jetstream.

Nick has served as the first Commanding Officer of 727 Naval Air Squadron, which was re-commissioned in 2001, as Senior Pilot on 771 and 750 Naval Air Squadron.  He has gained numerous highly regarded aircrew qualifications during his time in the Royal Navy, such as Qualified Flying instructor and Qualified Helicopter Instructor, enabling him to instruct all aviation disciplines within the Royal Navy.

Currently serving in 750 Naval Air Squadron, he will introduce the new King Air into Naval Service, which will involve significant training for the Squadron staff and he is currently teaching Army Flying Instructors the basics of multi engine flying on the Jetstream.

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