AVX awarded US Army Joint Multi-Role study contract

AVX awarded US Army Joint Multi-Role study contract 29 Sep, 11, Source: AVX Aircraft

AVX today announced that the US Army has awarded a contract to AVX to conduct Configuration Trades Analysis (CTA) studies on the innovative technology and configuration which AVX has developed for a complex coaxial helicopter with dual ducted fans.

The approx. $4 million contract, awarded by the U.S. Army Aviation Applied Technology Directorate of The Research, Development and Engineering Command located in Fort Eustis, Virginia, calls for AVX Aircraft Company to conduct studies that define an objective aircraft that is affordable, technically feasible, and meets a provided set of performance attributes.

The JMR future helicopter concept is a program to develop a family of helicopters for the United States Armed Forces.  It is planned to enter service sometime between 2025 and 2030, with prototypes flying before 2020.

Commenting on the JMR contract, Troy Gaffey, President of AVX Aircraft Company said, “We are extremely pleased and excited by the award of this contract.  The JMR program represents the future of Army Aviation.  This contract will expand our knowledge base and the Army’s knowledge base regarding the application of flexible AVX technology to current and future helicopter design and operations.  We have already completed studies on using the patented AVX coaxial/rear fans technology and configuration on larger and smaller helicopters.  This contract will help to further validate our design in support of U.S. Army objectives.”

Work on the contract will be performed in Fort Worth, Texas, headquarters of AVX Aircraft Company and will begin immediately.

About AVX:  Founded in 2005, and headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, AVX Aircraft Company employs helicopter industry veterans and executives with a combined experience of over 400 years across a spectrum of skill sets.  AVX has developed and has patented a unique compound helicopter configuration with coaxial rotors and dual ducted fans that combine proven technologies to achieve greater aerodynamic efficiency, speed, range, fuel efficiency, HOGE and utility than conventional helicopters.

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