Robinson Introduces Reusable Engine Air Filters for R22 and R44

Robinson Introduces Reusable Engine Air Filters for R22 and R44 23 Jul, 13, Source: Rotorcorp

On July 3, 2013, Robinson Helicopter Company issued two Service Letters detailing the replacement of current disposable paper element radial air filters with a cleanable air filter for R22 and R44 helicopters.  According to the Service Letters, disposable A771-1 (R22) and C771-1 (R44) engine air filters have been superseded by reusable B771-1 and B771-2 filters which feature fuel resistant metal frames.  Instead of replacing the old-style filter at 100 hour service intervals, the new filters can simply be cleaned and inspected.  There is a five year or six hundred hour service life with the new filters.  Full instructions for installation and service are included with the service letter.

According to Robinson Technical service, the replacement has no relation to Service Bulletin 85 issued in 2012 and addressed a faulty batch of C771-1 filters. “The washable nature of the new filters is just a superior option that Robinson chose to implement”.

The cost for the R22 B771-1 filter is $89 and $98 for the B771-2 R44 Model.  Rotorcorp currently has both models in stock and available.  Call us today to order yours!

R22 Service Letter SL-62

R44 Service Letter SL-46

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