Two AW139s inducted into Bangladesh Air Force

Two AW139s inducted into Bangladesh Air Force 17 Dec, 15, Source:

Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina paid a visit to Air Force’s Bangabandhu Base in Dhaka in Dhaka on Sunday 6th December to induct two new aircraft types.  Aside from the Yak-140 jet trainer (they have 24 on order), the more important part of the day was to launch the AW139 into military service in this Asian country.

It was back in July 2014 when AgustaWestland announced this order for two aircraft, saying the pair will perform maritime search and rescue (SAR) and other utility missions.  The contract, which also includes a comprehensive support and training package, marks the establishment of the first dedicated maritime SAR helicopter fleet in the country. The Bangladesh Air Force’s AW139s feature an advanced mission configuration including a search/weather radar, FLIR, search light, rescue hoist, emergency floats and a state-of-the-art 4-axis dual digital AFCS with hover and SAR modes.

The Bangladesh Air Force is flying these two aircraft

  • BAF code 613 (see photo below) – AW serial number 31613
  • BAF code 616 (see photo above) – AW serial number 31616

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