Bangladesh Navy to Procure Maritime Helicopters

Bangladesh Navy to Procure Maritime Helicopters 19 Dec, 16, Source:

The Bangladesh Navy is looking to procure two maritime helicopters for their fleet. The two twin-engine helicopters will be used for Special Forces missions, maritime SAR, anti-surface vessel warfare, over the horizon targeting, casualty evacuation and anti-submarine warfare.

They should be fully operational for all weather conditions. They should be suitable to land on all landing decks that are similar to the BNS Bangabandhu. The Bangladesh Navy would like them to have North American or European avionics, reports IHS Jane.

As well as being able of reaching cruise speeds of 120 kt, they would have a take-off weight of 6,100kg and endurance of three hours. The new helicopters will be fitted with 7,62mm or 12,7mm machine guns.

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