AirSuite Announces New System Integration with Flightdocs

AirSuite	Announces New System Integration with Flightdocs 10 Mar, 17, Source: Cirro

Airsuite Inc., the Canadian-based provider of aviation operations software, Cirro, announces a new integration with Flightdocs, a US-based provider of maintenance and inventory management software. The integration will entail a seamless, two-way exchange of real-time flight and maintenance data between the two web-based platforms.

“Our ability to integrate with Flightdocs and other software maintenance providers gives our clients ease of use – the clear advantage of an operator having both Cirro and Flightdocs is that these single software systems securely communicate with each other and are able to sync together, eliminating the requirement to waste investment in multiple, non-integrated software packages,” says Michael Kleywegt, CEO of AirSuite Inc.

Greg Heine, COO at Flightdocs said: “We have continued to expand our integrations with other software providers in the industry, and are happy to announce our latest integration with Airsuite’s Cirro platform. Our centralized, web-based API makes it easy for third parties to setup a safe and secure connection to the Flightdocs platform. This integration creates a streamlined transfer of data between the maintenance and operations management systems. Mutual customers will eliminate duplication of work, see substantial time savings, and a drastic reduction in data entry errors.”

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