Airbus and Nepalese operators mark 50,000 flight hours of the H125

Airbus and Nepalese operators mark 50,000 flight hours of the H125 21 Apr, 17, Source: Airbus Helicopters

Nepalese operators have reached a significant milestone with the Airbus Helicopters’ H125 in the Himalayan Kingdom. Seven operators have collectively achieved 50,000 flying hours with an overall fleet of 15 H125.

This important milestone was celebrated in a ceremony held at Rotorcraft Asia which brought together senior Airbus Helicopters management from the region and a delegation of Nepalese operators. Each operator received a small token of appreciation from Philippe Monteux, Senior Vice President and Head of South East Asia & Pacific region.

“The H125 meets all our mission requirements. Its reliability and cost effectiveness enable us to achieve the most demanding flights in a really competitive environment. We look forward to enhancing our collaboration with Airbus Helicopters in the coming years,” said Pavitra Karki, President of the Airlines Operators Association of Nepal.

“Nepal has put its trust in the H125 and we really treasure that. We are dedicated to working with our operators there and with the local civil aviation authority as a team to ensure the Nepalese market gets a world-class and safe helicopter service,” said Philippe Monteux.

The seven operators – Nepalese Army, Shree Airlines, Simrik Air, Fishtail Air, Air Dynasty, Heli Everest, Mountain Helicopters, Altitude Air and Manang Air – are accumulating more than 15,000 hours on their fleet of Airbus Helicopters on an annual basis.

The mission profile for the H125 in Nepal varies from passenger transport and emergency medical services (EMS) to load carrying. The missions require the H125 to be flown above 20,000 feet in hot (ISA+ 30*) conditions on a regular basis.

*ISA+30: International Standards Atmosphere + 30 degree Celsius

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