FAA approves PS Engineering PAC45 audio control system

FAA approves PS Engineering PAC45 audio control system 13 Sep, 17, Source: PS Engineering

On Friday, August 4th PSEngineering received a highly anticipated TSOA letter from the FAA indicating hasaccepted and now allows authorization to manufacture the new PAC45 audio controlsystem. And 20 days later, the first full system was installed by CompleteAvionics.

The PAC45 is the only FAA approved,DZUS mounted, audio controller designed specifically for business jets as wellas for special mission aircraft to employ True Dimensional Sound. Known asMultiTalker™, this technology allows the crew to place com audio in uniquethree dimensional positions within a stereo headset, making it much easier tolisten to the radio that is important at any instant in time.

“I believe that the PAC45 is trulyrevolutionary.” Said company founder and CEO, Mark Scheuer, “Not only does ithave a price/performance second to none, it’s also the first to have acompletely built-in, digital hi-fi stereo intercom that facilitates the implementationof MultiTalker™.”

Continues Mr. Scheuer, “During manyof the interactions I had at this year’s HAI in Dallas, I witnessed some of themost remarkable reactions when MultiTalker™ was demonstrated to seasonedpilots. First, pilots would listen to multiple and simultaneous radio callsusing the current technology, and then I turned on MultiTalker™. Pilots respondedto True Dimensional Sound with unique visual reactions which further reinforcedmy believe that MultiTalker™ technology is going to be a game changer.”

To facilitate easy configurationsof the PAC45 audio panel system, it is AMS series Plug ‘N Play (with additionalwiring required for MultiTalker and multiple control heads). Custom bezels areeasily designed using PS Engineering, Inc.’s bezel configuration applicationthat is available at www.ps-engineering.com/PAC45.shtml

The standard PAC45 are in stock withonly a 2-week lead-time for PAC45 systems ordered with custom bezels. No morelong lead times for special mission audio controllers. The PAC45 is great forreplacing legacy audio panels in business aviation jets as well.

Complete Avionics located inAustralia has completed the first commercial installation of the PAC45 usingthe full 3-up audio controllers while remote mounting the small (1.88”H X 4.88”W X 2.00”D) but very capable all digital Hub. www.completeavionics.com

Bluetooth® as well as a satellitetelephone full duplex interface is also integrated into this 1.88” DZUSmounted, AMS Plug ‘N Play audio controller.

Along with MultiTalker™ is anextensive list of capabilities that makes this system so unique.

  • AMS Series pin compatibilitywith a 1.88″ DZUS mount height
  • Up to 3 control heads (Pilot,Copilot, Mission observers) with single hub
  • 6 transceiver capable withindependent volume control for each transceiver
  • Full Duplex Satellite Telephonecapable with volume control
  • 4 switched inputs withindependent volume controls (the AUX switches 3 audio inputs for a total of 6)
  • 4 un-switched inputs withvolume adjustments
  • 3 discrete inputs for customalert annunciations with failsafe independent power source
  • Up to 8 hi-fi stereo intercompositions
  • Proven IntelliVox® high noiseautomatic VOX along with PTT-ICS operation
  • Audio output power of 100mWinto 150 ohm stereo headsets
  • Bluetooth® enabled fortelephone and music streaming
  • Pilot and Copilot CVR output
  • ICS Call function
  • Public Address
  • Optional NVG Compliant (AeroDynamix)
  • List Price PAC45 $6995 includesone Hub and one Control Head.

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