Airbus awarded patent for Rotor drive system

Airbus awarded patent for Rotor drive system 22 Sep, 17, Source: USPTO

A rotor drive for a tail rotor of a helicopter is provided. The system includes a stator and a rotor mounted to the stator with a rotatable central carrier. Rotor blades are radially attached to the rotatable central carrier and each of the rotor blades is pivotable about their respective radial central axis for variation of blade pitch. At least one permanent magnet is provided on each rotor blade. A plurality of electromagnets is provided on the stator close enough to allow inductive interaction between the plurality of electromagnets and the at least one permanent magnet on each rotor blade. The permanent magnets are offset from the radial central axis in a direction perpendicular to the rotation plane for individual pitch control of the rotor blades by individual control of electric supply to the electromagnets.

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