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18-Aug-14 N720HT Sikorsky S64E Lindsay Lake, Canada

The helicopter was slinging a hydro tower into position. After positioning the tower, the ground crew secured two of the support cables to their foundations. The pole was then shifted to accommodate securing of the remaining two support cables. As the two secured cables became taut, the pilot felt a bump and the helicopter became… Read more »


10-Jun-11 N237AC Erickson S64F Plaster City, US-California

While setting an elecriticy tower within a utility right-of-way two miles SE of Plaster City, three of the helicopter’s four hooks holding up a tower section released. While hanging from the remaining hook, the structure was slowly lowered to the ground and, once on the ground, was released. The tower subsequently tipped over. No one… Read more »


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07-Jun-11 N237AC Erickson S64F Plaster City, US-California

San Diego Gas & Electric’s helicopter was involved in an incident when a section of a transmission tower carried by the helicopter fell approximately 200- feet to the ground. No one was injured.


25-Jun-10 N….. Sikorsky S64E Sarawak State, Malaysia (1F)