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16-Oct-14 Sikorsky S92 Aberdeen, UK

A spokesman for CHC said: “An aircraft returned to Aberdeen International Airport after a crew noted a technical fault during the early stages of an off shore flight.

Tags: CHC, Civil, Offshore, S92, Safety, Sikorsky

12-Oct-14 Sikorsky SH-60 Kartepe, Turkey (4F)

Turkish Navy Black Hawk had controlled flight into terrain in poor weather.  All 4 POB killed

Tags: Fatal, Military, Safety, Sikorsky, Turkey, Turkish Navy, UH-60

10-Oct-14 Bell OH-58 Pedernales, Dominican Republic

Army helicopter with 4 POB.  Tail boom chopped off just forward of the stabilizer, and at the root attachment.  One of those on board was reported to be Major General José Matos de la Cruz, chief of the Army, who was unharmed.  The other three on board – including director of Military Intelligence, Hichi Mercedes Cepeda – were hospitalized

Tags: Bell, Dominican Republic, Military, OH-58, Safety

10-Oct-14 Sikorsky S92 Aberdeen, UK

At around 11.15am, fire crews were called to Dyce, after the pilot of the CHC S92 alerted air traffic control and asked for emergency crews to be placed on stand-by as it made a return to base landing.  Landed safely

Tags: CHC, Civil, Offshore, S92, Safety, Sikorsky, UK

10-Oct-14 N229LA Eurocopter AS350B2 Los Angeles, US-California

Emergency night landing in public park

Tags: Airbus Helicopters, AS350, Civil, Eurocopter, Law Enforcement, Los Angeles Police Dept, Safety, US-California

09-Oct-14 JA6741 Eurocopter AS332L1 Tsumagoi, Japan

5-6kg section of insecure load dropped from 100m during underslung operations

Tags: Airbus Helicopters, AS332, Civil, Eurocopter, Japan, Safety, Shin Nihon Helicopter

08-Oct-14 Bell 407 Beiji, Iraq (2F)

The helicopter was allegedly downed by IS with a shoulder fired missile.  One report says three fatalities

Tags: B407, Bell, Fatal, Iraq, Iraqi Army, Military, Safety

08-Oct-14 Kamov Ka32 Jincheon, Korea

2 of 3 POB injured in heavy field landing.  helicopter remained upright but tail and all rotor blades badly damaged

Tags: Ka32, Kamov, Korean Army, Military, Safety

07-Oct-14 ZK-HBQ Robinson R44 Kahurangi, New Zealand (1F)

Cause unknown.  Helicopter went missing on flight from Karamea to Nelson and the wreckage was not found for a further four days.  The deceased pilot was named as Damian Webster

Tags: Civil, Fatal, New Zealand, R44, Robinson, Safety

07-Oct-14 N603CF AgustaWestland AW119 Chiriaco Summit, US-California

Tail rotor struck fence at airport

Tags: AgustaWestland, AW119, Civil, EMS, Safety, TriState CareFlight, US-California

07-Oct-14 VH-CLR Bell 206B Cooktown, Australia

The Bell 206 helicopter was conducting a passenger carrying charter flight with passengers and has collided with terrain on Mt Cook. The helicopter has rolled onto its side and there are two persons with serious injuries and two with minor injuries.  One press report quotes the local Mayor saying that the helicopter was hovering close to the rock while he attempted to board when a gust of wind tipped the helicopter, crashing it into the rock.

Tags: Australia, B206, Bell, Civil, Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Tours, Safety

06-Oct-14 Bell CH-124 Eastern Passage, Canada

Emergency landing after gearbox sensor detected an anomaly. Landed at Hartland Point Golf Course and was then towed by road to 12 Wing Shearwater.

Tags: Canada, Military, Royal Canadian Air Force, S61, Safety, Sikorsky

04-Oct-14 N335AE Bell 206L.1 Wichita Falls, US-Texas (2F)

Accident on night EMS flight just one block short of its intended landing spot at United Regional Hospital in Wichita Falls, inbound from Waurika, OK.  Patient (named here as 26-year-old Buddy Rhodes) killed in the accident, and the three crew named here as pilot Zechariah Smith, flight nurse Leslie Stewart and flight paramedic Erasmus J. Vandercolff IV.  Post crash fire.  Leslie Stewart died from her injuries 5 days later (source)

Tags: Air Evac Lifeteam, B206, Bell, Civil, EMS, Fatal, Safety, US-Texas

04-Oct-14 N4426M Bell 206B Atlanta, US-Arkansas

Attempting to take off from a helicopter transport trailer in a cleared section of pine forest . For some reason the helicopter never made it fully airborne, and tipped over on its starboard side beside the trailer.  Robert Dale Garzolini, pilot and owner of Terre Haute Helicopters, West Terre Haute, IN, was injured

Tags: B206, Bell, Civil, Safety, Terre Haute Helicopters, US-Arkansas

04-Oct-14 N490H Eurocopter AS350B3 Lubbock, US-Texas

Contacted fence on landing

Tags: AS350, Civil, Eurocopter, Safety, US-Texas

03-Oct-14 N409TD Bell 407 New York, US-New York

Bird strike, penetrating the windshield, which shattered – causing only minor injury to the front-seat passenger.  Note – wrongly reported elsewhere as N410TD.  N409TD confirmed by FAA report and this news story which refers to the ATC call “zero nine tango delta”.  pilot made an emergency landing at the West 30th St. HP

Tags: B407, Bell, Civil, Helicopter Flight Services, Safety, Tours, US-New York

03-Oct-14 N500LK MD Helicopters MD500E Briarcliff, US-New York

Emergency landing in school field after warning light illuminated

Tags: Civil, Haverfield Aviation, MD Helicopters, MD500E, Safety, US-New York

02-Oct-14 HB-ZJC Eurocopter EC130 Bart, France (5F)

Helicopter took off from Lausanne, Switzerland and has crashed in France – reportedly just prior to landing at Montbéliard – Courcelles Aerodrome. Weather reported as foggy and press report says that pilot was looking for a gap in the cloud to land at the airfield.  Five of seven POB killed when helicopter landed on a barn used as a wood store

Tags: Airbus Helicopters, AS350, Civil, EC130, Eurocopter, Fatal, France, Heli Lausanne, Safety

02-Oct-14 N49746 Bell 206B Woodsboro, US-Texas

Low level pipeline patrol and “lost power”.  Written off.  On board were pilot Michael Orlowsky. 48, of West Plains, Missouri; Kevin Douglas Smothers, 44, of Minnesota; and Ronald Justin Dietz, 28, of Sinton.  Orlowsky and Smothers were described as being in critical condition with no word on Dietz

Halo Flight attended with a Bell 407

Helicopter owned by Heartland Helicopters but leased out to a third party according to press report

Tags: B206, Bell, Civil, Heartland Helicopters, Safety, US-Texas

01-Oct-14 HAL Cheetah Bharthaul, India (3F)

Cheetah helicopter of the Indian Army taking part in the ongoing military exercise at the Jat Regimetanl Centre (JRC) at Bareilly crashed minutes after take-off killing all three on board.  It had gained only a few hundred metres in height when it caught fire mid-air.  Another report states it was a maintenance flight.  The three were named as Major Abhijai Thapa, 29, Major Vikas Varyani, 29 and Captain Avinash Somavanshi, 26.

Tags: Fatal, HAL, India, Indian Army, Military, Safety

01-Oct-14 Bell-Boeing MV-22 Arabian Gulf, Bahrain (1F)

Osprey temporarily lost power after taking off from the amphibious ship Makin Island. temporarily hitting the water before the pilot regained control.  In that moment, two Marine air crewmen aboard jumped out when it looked like the Osprey was going into the ocean, with only one recovered.  The search for the second has been called off

Tags: Boeing, Fatal, Military, Safety, US Marine Corps, V-22

28-Sep-14 N7062U Helicycle Gellatin, US-Tennessee (1F)

Crashed on take off from private property near the intersection of Old Douglas Lane and Old Flynn Road.  Owner/pilot James Lee died in the accident

Tags: Civil, Fatal, Helicycle, Safety, US-Tennessee

29-Sep-14 Bell 412CF Shaw Island, Canada

Precautionary landing after rotor blades struck a wire on the Canadian Coast Guard vessel Sir William Alexander

Tags: B412, Bell, Canada, Military, Royal Canadian Air Force, Safety

29-Sep-14 074 Sikorsky S61 Meloy, Norway

Hoist cable snapped and flicked up into main rotor disc. No damage in subsequent emergency landing

Tags: Military, Norway, Royal Norwegian Air Force, S61, Safety, Sikorsky

29-Sep-14 N557CP MD Helicopters MD500E Columbus, US-Ohio

Precautionary night landing in Hamilton Road near Groves Road.  It was determined that the helicopter had a faulty gauge.

Tags: Civil, Columbus Police, Law Enforcement, MD Helicopters, MD500E, Safety, US-Ohio

28-Sep-14 Warmun, Australia

“It appears the pilot had attempted a take-off, however clipped a tree on the way up which caused the helicopter to roll and crash,” police spokesman said.  Pilot and his passenger/grandson not seriously injured

Tags: Australia, Civil, Safety

27-Sep-14 HS-CCN Eurocopter EC130 Naung Mon, Myanmar (1F)

Crashed on flight searching for two missing mountaineers.  Wreckage found three days later.  Two occupants hiked for some time and were located further days after that according to this report.  The third (Myanmar pilot Aung Myat Toe) was found dead a few days later according to this article.  Information not clear as to why the three parted

Tags: Advance Aviation, Airbus Helicopters, AS350, Civil, EC130, Eurocopter, Fatal, Safety

27-Sep-14 AgustaWestland Lynx Fryton, UK

Precautionary field landing after malfunction on night flight

Tags: AgustaWestland, Army Air Corps, Lynx, Military, Safety, UK

26-Sep-14 N7026J Robinson R22 Albuquerque, US-New Mexico

Force landing after power loss

Tags: Civil, R22, Robinson, Safety, US-New Mexico

26-Sep-14 G-CIGZ Sikorsky S92 Aberdeen, UK

Emergency landing with 3 POB.  Declared emergency at 2.20pm and landed at airport safely 2.39pm

Tags: Bristow Helicopters, Civil, Offshore, S92, Safety, Sikorsky, UK

25-Sep-14 ZS-OFJ Robinson R44 Rand Airport, South Africa (2F)

Crashed in open field not far short of landing at Rand Airport. Both people on board killed – pilot named here as Blake Simpson.   The helicopter caught fire after impact and was completely destroyed.

Tags: Civil, Fatal, Henley Air, R44, Robinson, Safety, South Africa

25-Sep-14 N152CA Bell 206B Pushmataha County, US-Oklahoma

Crashed in unknown circumstances

Tags: B206, Bell, Civil, Safety, US-Oklahoma

23-Sep-14 YV-2537 Bell 206B Tumeremo, Venezuela (3F)

Crashed into heavy wooded area and wreckage not found until 05-Oct-14.  Pilot David Guerra had reported loss of power and autorotated into the jungle

Tags: Aerocopter, B206, Bell, Civil, Fatal, Safety, Venezuela

23-Sep-14 VH-HLB Robinson R44 Tindal, Australia

While hovering to assess a potential landing site, the pilot received a LOW ROTOR RPM warning. The pilot then lowered the collective but the helicopter struck a tree and landed hard. Both occupants received minor injuries and the helicopter was substantially damaged.

Tags: Australia, Civil, R44, Robinson, Safety

22-Sep-14 N1675U Schweizer 300C Grand Forks, US-North Dakota

Touched down hard, striking the tail rotor

Tags: Civil, S300C, Safety, Schweizer, UND Aerospace, US-North Dakota

21-Sep-14 Fayoum, Egypt (6F)

Unknown helicopter type of Egyptian miitary crashed “due to technical issues” killing 6

Tags: Egypt, Egyptian Air Force, Military, Safety

21-Sep-14 N8375E Robinson R44 Honolulu, US-Hawaii

Hard landing and tail strike

Tags: Civil, R44, Robinson, Safety, US-Hawaii

21-Sep-14 I-PITO Eurocopter SA315B Rocca Pietra, Italy

Fell onto port side during landing

Tags: AirStar, Civil, Eurocopter, Italy, SA315, Safety

20-Sep-14 PR-CIG Robinson R44 Fama, Brazil (2F)

Helicopter crashed into lake during a scenic flight, although Military Police reported that this type of operation was not permitted for this helicopter and/or pilot.  Pilot Abitbol Bruno Nogueira de Andrade got out (and reportedly fled the scene) while the two passengers were trapped inside and drowned.  Press report stated “According to police, the driver was offering risky maneuvers danger to people who accompanied him on flights”.  Passengers named as Marcos Antônio Alves, 44. and his wife Lívia Reis Carvalho, 27.  Video of accident here.

Tags: Brazil, Civil, Fatal, R44, Robinson, Safety

20-Sep-14 Rotorway Exec 162F Pitt Meadows, Canada

Helicopter experienced a power loss and landed hard in a field adjacent to the airport
CADORS 2014P1639

Tags: Canada, Civil, Exec 162F, Rotorway, Safety

20-Sep-14 G-OKEY Robinson R22 Elstree, UK

Crashed from a low hover on a training flight.   Male pilot and female studen uninjured.

Tags: Civil, Flying Pig Helicopters, R22, Robinson, Safety, UK

19-Sep-14 RA-1233G Eurocopter SA341G Vasilievsky Island, Russia (1F)

Helicopter overflew a boat before flying at low level and high speed, getting lower very gradually until hitting the water. The water surface was glassy smooth, perhaps contributory.  After crashing, the helicopter is said to have sunk almost immediately.  The pilot/owner who died has been identified as 41 year old Alexei Afonchenkovu.  Passenger survived

Tags: Civil, Eurocopter, Fatal, Russia, SA341, Safety

18-Sep-14 HAL SA316B Alibaug, India

Extensively damaged in “heavy landing”.  4 POB injured, but not life threatening

Tags: Eurocopter, India, Indian Navy, Military, SA316, Safety

16-Sep-14 G-SUEX Bell 206B Flamborough, UK (2F)

Initial reports coming in. Witnesses say they heard a “loud crack” shortly be fire the helicopter started descending rapidly.

The helicopter took off from Dechmont, near Livingston in West Lothian and was due to land at Humberside Airport for refuelling before flying on to Gamston, presumably en route it’s home base at Manston. It had been operating experience flights at Ingliston Showgrounpd on Saturday  13th and appears to have been en route home.

The report here named the pilot as Brian Bridgman and the passenger as John Kent

Tags: B206, Bell, Civil, Fatal, Safety, UK

15-Sep-14 N9844N Robinson R44 Beaumont, US-Texas

Crashed on approach after pilot lost control

Tags: Civil, Heritage Helicopter Services, R44, Robinson, Safety, US-Texas

14-Sep-14 VH-FHX Bell 206B Jabiru, Australia

During the approach to a confined landing area, the pilot was alerted to an object to the left of the helicopter and while manoeuvring to avoid this object, the main rotor and tail rotor struck a tree. The pilot conducted a missed approach and after the subsequent landing, assessed the damage as minor and elected to continue the flight. An engineering inspection at the end of the day revealed substantial damage to the rotor blades.

Tags: Australia, B206, Bell, Civil, Safety

13-Sep-14 EC-KSD AgustaWestland AW119 Alpera, Spain (1F)

Pilot killed in crash on firefighting ops – Type and operator confirmed by this report.  Registration confirmed from photo on this page – enlarged here.  Pilot named as Fernando Baraza on this tribute page

Tags: AgustaWestland, AW119, Civil, FAASA, Fatal, Firefighting, Safety

13-Sep-14 C-FNRR Bell 206B Tumbler Ridge, Canada

Repositioning to another landing spot after dropping off 3 passengers when it suffered a tail rotor strike and hard landing. CADORS 2014P1608

Tags: B206, Bell, Canada, Civil, EMS, Ridge Rotors, Safety

13-Sep-14 Everglades City, US-Florida

Emergency landing – pilot requested a mechanic, and some water.  No details of any damage in teh press reports

Tags: Civil, Safety, US-Florida

12-Sep-14 N64AW Bell 206L4 LongRanger Tombstone, US-Arizona

Operated by Airwest Helicopters for Cochise County Sheriff.  Main blades chopped tail boom and skids splayed out in heavy landing.  Two POB were listed as pilot Larry Pucci and the observer Officer Justin Dannels (the son of Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels)

Tags: Airwest Helicopters, B206, Bell, Civil, Cochise County Sheriff, Law Enforcement, Safety, US-Arizona

11-Sep-14 Lalpur Chowkdi, India

Percautionary landing due to poor weather.  On the ground five hours before continuing journey from Vadodara to Udaipur.  No indication in the press report how much pre-flight planning the pilot had done with the weather forecast.

Operator Trans Bharat Aviation has three Bell 407s and one 206

Tags: Civil, India, Safety, Trans Bharat Aviation

11-Sep-14 N142MA Bell 407 Moab, US-Utah

Sole occupant pilot injured in crash – helicopter was on survey work for Greenriver Energy

Tags: B407, Bell, Civil, Minuteman Aviation, Safety, US-Utah

06-Sep-14 N699TQ Robinson R44 Macedonia, US-Iowa (1F)

Struck powerline while on low level agricultural work.  Pilot died in hospital on 11th September from his injuries – and was named here as Chris Moore

Tags: Agricultural, Civil, R44, Robinson, Safety, US-Iowa

05-Sep-14 OY-HRG Robinson R44 Samsoe Sea, Denmark (4F)

Helicopter ditched.  Three bodies recovered, fourth not found and presume drowned.

Owner/pilot was billionaire Michael Henriksen of MH Gruppen, which specialises in container shipping.  Another name published was that of Morten Friis, an executive in Norrecco, also part of MH Gruppen.  Volvo Trucks Denmark named the other two as their CEO Søren Wettergreen and Sales Manager Mark Jacobsen

Tags: Civil, Denmark, Fatal, R44, Robinson, Safety

05-Sep-14 N60JD Robinson R44 Roeselare, Belgium (2F)

Crashed shortly after take-off into the car park of a football stadium.  Post crash fire.  The two deceased were named as Lieven Ghekiere and Johan Deceuninck

Note – despite being registered in the US, this helicopter has been based in Belgium

Tags: Civil, Denmark, Fatal, R44, Robinson, Safety

04-Sep-14 OB-1884-P Eurocopter SA315B Andamarca, Peru (3F)

Crashed and completely burnt out, killing pilot Walter Sulca Ramos and co-pilot Walter Quevedo Mestanza.  Weather of blizzards likely to be a factor

Tags: Civil, Eurocopter, Helinka, Peru, SA315, Safety

04-Sep-14 RA-24255 Mil Mi-8 Gelendzhik, Russia (2F)

Crashed near Gelendzhik airport and caught fire. Full video of accident here.  From a steady hover the helicopter lost height and hit the ground heavily and bounced.  The impact caused the tail boom to shear off and thus the helicopter became dynamically unstable, it immediately crashed onto its belly and caught fire.  It burned out completely.  Both occupants died – noting that the video does show one person being taken by stretcher to an ambulance.

Tags: Civil, Fatal, Mi-8, Mil, Russia, Safety

04-Sep-14 N217HP Eurocopter AS350B3 Lincoln, US-California

Heavy autorotation landing, damaging helicopter

Tags: AS350, Civil, Eurocopter, Safety, US-California

03-Sep-14 XC-ALM AgustaWestland AW109S Lerma, Mexico (2F)

While en route from the Mexico City area to Toluca, helicopter went down just 5 miles from destination

Tags: AgustaWestland, AW109, Civil, Fatal, Mexico, Safety

02-Sep-14 N516PJ MD Helicopters MD500D Willow, US-California

Pilot Ron Chaplin injured when helicopter came down during low level powerline work

Tags: Civil, MD Helicopters, MD500D, PJ Helicopters, Powerline Patrol, Safety, US-California

02-Sep-14 Sikorsky MH-60S Fallon, US-Nevada

Rolled on its side while landing during a routine training mission. All five crew members aboard — two pilots and three enlisted aircrew — are accounted for and safe with no significant injuries. All five crew members were transported to Naval Air Station Fallon medical facilities for evaluation.

Tags: Military, Safety, Sikorsky, UH-60, US Navy

01-Sep-14 Sikorsky CH-53E Gulf of Aden, Djibouti

CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter crashed at sea in the Gulf of Aden as it attempted to land aboard USS Mesa Verde.  All 25 persons aboard the helicopter; 17 Marines and eight Navy Sailors, were safely recovered

Tags: CH-53, Djibouti, Military, Safety, Sikorsky, US Marine Corps

31-Aug-14 PT-YFD Robinson R44 Candoi, Brazil

Failed to gain height on climb out and struck powerlines causing helicopter to come down – see amateur footage of take-off  A total of six were on board – four adults and two children under 10 – and the helicopter was operating short joyride flights from the Festa do Charque event

Tags: Brazil, Civil, R44, Robinson, Safety

30-Aug-14 Z-SCA Bell 206L3 LongRanger Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Damaged in heavy landing only 30m from take-off point on sightseeing flight.  Passengers named as Janice Mitchel, Elizabeth Hamilton, William Leur, Elizabeth Benevides, Debbie Lonechamps and Stephanie Black all walked from the crash site unaided

Tags: B206, Bell, Civil, Safety, Zambezi Helicopter Company, Zimbabwe

28-Aug-14 HK-4287G Robinson R22 Amaga, Colombia

Tags: Civil, Colombia, R22, Robinson, Safety

28-Aug-14 N991SD Airbus AS350B3 Hemet, US-California

The Riverside County Sheriff press release says “On 08/28/2014 at approximately 11:00 AM the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Aviation Unit was conducting training exercises with a department helicopter. While low-flying over the Hemet / Ryan Airport runway the helicopter crashed. Sheriff’s personnel operating the helicopter were transported to a local area hospital for treatment of minor injuries. The cause of the crash is being investigated by FAA.

Tags: Airbus Helicopters, AS350, Civil, Eurocopter, Law Enforcement, Riverside County Sheriff, Safety, US-California

27-Aug-14 N4187W Robinson R22 Gardnerville, US-Nevada

Substantially damaged after striking wires 10 ft above ground on take-off.  Boom broken and tail separated. Heavy impact starboard side.  Pilot named in press as Doyle Holden and passenger as Karen Cole.

Tags: Civil, R22, Robinson, Safety, US-Nevada

27-Aug-14 Mil Mi-8 Tikrit, Iraq

A helicopter from the Iraqi Air Force was allegedly shot down north of Tikrit by ISIS insurgents

Tags: Iraq, Iraqi Air Force, Mi-8, Mil, Military, Safety

26-Aug-14 RA-22430 Mil Mi-8AMT Bentiu, South Sudan (3F)

During operations for the UN, the helicopter was shot down over the area of Bentiu in Southern Sudan. Three crew members died, a fourth was seriously injured.

Tags: Civil, Fatal, Mi-8, Mil, Safety, South Sudan

25-Aug-14 VH-YPC Robinson R22 Halls Creek, Australia (1F)

During the ferry flight, the helicopter collided with terrain. The helicopter was destroyed by fire and the pilot died in the accident.

Tags: Australia, Civil, Fatal, R22, Robinson, Safety

25-Aug-14 RA-04286 Robinson R44 Alekseevka, Russia

Tags: Civil, R44, Robinson, Russia, Safety

25-Aug-14 N4035A Hiller UH-12E Cape May, US-New Jersey

Rolled over during force landing into open field

Tags: Cape May County Mosquito Patrol, Civil, Hiller, Safety, UH-12, US-New Jersey

24-Aug-14 HU.15-90 Airbus Bo105CBS-4 Marana, Spain (3F)

Blades struck mountain side during rescue operation of a climber, causing helicopter to crash.  All three on board killed, named as

  • Captain Emilio Pérez Peláez
  • Lieutenient Marcos Antonio Benito Rodríguez
  • José Martínez Conejo (Mountain specialist)

The helicopter is officially serialled HU.15-90.  It also carried the Guardia Civil code 09-118

See also Guardia Civil tribute video on YouTube

Tags: Airbus Helicopters, Bo105, Eurocopter, Fatal, Military, Safety, SAR, Spain, Spanish Guardia Civil

24-Aug-14 N4246Z Robinson R44 Pahrump, US-Nevada

Rolled onto its side on landing

Tags: Civil, R44, Robinson, Safety, US-Nevada

23-Aug-14 PR-NEO Airbus EC130B4 Goianira, Brazil

Intended landing point was on a football pitch as part of an election campaign by Alexandre Baldy. When it was about to land, the main rotor blades collided with the cross-bar of the goal and the wire fence surrounding the football pitch. Fragments of the cross-bar were cast at a distance of 41 meters, perforating a metal gate of the garage of a residence. One of the main rotor blades broke with the impact, while the other blades sustained substantial damage. The helicopter tail-boom structure got perforated in several places

Tags: Airbus Helicopters, AS350, Brazil, Civil, Eurocopter, Safety