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SOP Draft for Maharashtra Helipads

SOP Draft for Maharashtra Helipads

The Maharashtra Government has instructed the department that handles VIP Security to draw up a draft SOP and helipad locations for landing permissions. This was after the discussions at the legislative council. Concern was raised over the seemingly “back to back” helicopter incidents involving the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. He thanked the council for their… Read more »

Source:, 31-Jul-17

25-May-17 VT-CMM Sikorsky S76C++ Nilanga, India

Helicopter came down less than 30 seconds after take-off.  Video shows a sudden spark 41 seconds after take-off on a very low climb-out (which could suggest it hit wires), and the helicopter descended quickly from there.  4 POB including the Chief Minister of the State of Maharashtra, but no significant injuries.  The helicopter did not… Read more »