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08-May-17 HL9414 Kamov Ka32 Samcheok, Korea (1F)

Helicopter struck wires and made an emergency landing into shallow water – but ended upright with little apparent damage from available press images.  However, one crew member knocked unconscious in the manoeuvre and later died in hospital from his injuries Civil registration HL9414, and also carries Korea Forest Service fleet code FP 608


Korea Forest Service contracts with Erickson to build a S-64E Aircrane

Korea Forest Service contracts with Erickson to build a S-64E Aircrane

Erickson Incorporated, a leading global provider of aviation services, has been selected by the Forest Aviation Headquarters, a subsidiary of the Korea Forest Service, to build an S-64E model with an intended delivery date of December 2017. The S-64 is well-known in Korea and has a strong reputation for being the best firefighting aircraft available. … Read more »

Source: Erickson, 08-Mar-17

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Korea Forest Service accepts Frasca AS350B2 FTD

Korea Forest Service accepts Frasca AS350B2 FTD

The Korea Forest Service, Republic of Korea, has completed factory acceptance of their Level 7 AS350B2 Helicopter Flight Training Device (FTD) built by Frasca International. The FTD will be installed at their training facility later this month. The FTD will include Frasca’s TruVisionâ„¢ visual system with a 120° x 80° spherical visual display system and… Read more »

Source: Frasca, 11-Feb-12

05-May-11 Eurocopter AS350B2 Sogeum River, South Korea

AS350B2 from the Korea Forest Service (KFS), carrying two people, crashed around 11:32 a.m. near the Sogeum River, about 237 kilometers east of Seoul.


19-Mar-11 PZL Sokol Seosan, South Korea (1F)

The Korea Forest Service  helicopter carrying three crew members crashed into a reservoir in Seosan, some 277 km south of Seoul, at 6:47 a.m., a few minutes after taking off for an extinguishing operation in the nearby Mount Gaya region.  Believed to be HL9449


23-Nov-09 HL94.. Kamov Ka32T Jeolla Lake, South Korea (3F)