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New HCare Fleet features reduce customers’ operational workload

Airbus and its long-time partner, Rusada, recently launched a new electronic ordering feature designed to reduce customer workload when ordering helicopter parts. The new interface between Airbus Helicopters’ e-ordering software and Envision, Rusada’s maintenance information system, now permits customers to input their orders just once into Envision. The interface communicates directly with e-ordering, thereby limiting… Read more »

Source: Airbus Helicopters, 13-Mar-17

Rusada links Envision software to SkyTrac’s Flight Data Systems

Rusada links Envision software to SkyTrac’s Flight Data Systems

Rusada and SkyTrac are pleased to announce the successful linking of flight data from SkyTrac’s flight tracking and data systems through to the fleet management functions of Envision. This now means close to real time positioning and updating of flight data vital for the accurate management of your fleet. Recent events and requirements of modern… Read more »

Source: Rusada, 26-Jun-14

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Rusada becomes a member of HAI

Rusada becomes a member of HAI

Rusada are pleased to announce that they are now members of the worlds largest helicopter community, Helicopter Association International. The organisations represents manufacturers, operators and suppliers around the globe. HAI, having developed from small beginnings in the USA has been in operation for more than 60 years supporting the industry, with its biggest event –… Read more »

Source: Rusada, 20-Nov-13