Red Hen Systems Announces Release of the World’s First HD Video Mapping System

20 Jan, 10, Source: Red Hen Systems

Red Hen Systems, an innovator in geo-referencing multimedia, announced the release of the company’s first High-Definition Video Mapping System. The new VMS-HD combines Red Hen’s popular VMS technology with the smallest HD Digital Video Recorder available today, designed by Convergent Design of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Weighing in at only 1.4 pounds, this ultra-compact, affordable device will record to two removable compact flash cards for easy storage and access. Its solid state design can withstand even extreme environments. Now you can finally record High-definition (HD) video from your existing HD cameras in digital format, instantly collecting geo-tagged “path” HD video and audio from mobile platforms such as aircraft, ground vehicles, and marine vessels.

By integrating Convergent Designs nanoFlash and Red Hen’s patented VMS technology, a wide range of users can realize the benefits of a compact geospatial HD recorder. The use of geospatial multimedia provides a powerful decision support tool by allowing you to instantly see “what” an asset/issue looked like “where” and “when.” A user can easily search and retrieve this information – now in HD quality.

Some of the features of the VMS-HD include easy storage – all video, audio and GPS data is contained on a single file on compact flash drives, and a Feature Trigger which allows users to capture points of interest while recoding without disturbing the video playback. The Photo Capture function allows geo-tagged pictures to be taken while reviewing video from the HD video, which provide exponentially higher quality still photos. These photos will be added to the file if points of interest were missed while initial recording. The GIS software allows for subject matter experts to create electronic work products for additional ease of use.

The VMS-HD is competitively priced at $6,995 (US) with HD and multimedia mapping functionality. It provides compact and long term recording in 1080P 30 or 1080I 60 MPEG formats with 35 Bit rate at 100% file size. Files are able to be recorded in .MOV, .MXF, .MPG, .M2V formats. The VMS-HD is compatible with Red Hen’s MediaMapper 5.3 or GeoVideo for ESRI.

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