Germany's DRF achieved 40,375 air rescue missions in 2009

Germany's DRF achieved 40,375 air rescue missions in 2009

27-Jan-2010 Source: DRF

[automatic translation from German, with small amount of editing]
For years, the DRF air rescue in Germany, increasing use of numbers has reported.Thus in 2009: The life-saver from the air contributed 33,731 bets, 1224 over the previous year. A total of 40,375 provided the DRF air rescue missions. “The saving of human life depends on the time factor. Given the changes in health care the way of the emergency patients in the clinic is appropriate for him forever. This is where the helicopter as the fastest means of transport a distinct advantage, “says Steffen Lutz, Chief of the DRF air rescue.
Agswn After specification of the critical care professional societies (see, INM, et al. “Cornerstones Emergency medical care for the population is in hospital and pre-clinic”, 2007 Ulm / Munich) begin the clinical treatment of diseases such as stroke or heart attack after more than 90 minutes. This period can often be met only with the help of air rescue, because: Nationwide clinics specialize increasingly in the treatment of certain diseases. The helicopter brings not only an ambulance quickly to the location, he is unbeatable when transporting the patient to more distant specialist hospitals quickly – especially in rural areas.
Most alarming reasons
Particularly often 28 stations nationwide air rescue of DRF 2009 on the rescue of patients with cardiovascular diseases (16%) and stroke (12%) were alerted. In 12 percent of all cases were asked for the red and white helicopters also to traffic and work accidents.
29 times were the crews of the Air Rescue DRF 2009, even as an obstetrician in use.The helicopter “Christoph München” for example, was alerted in June with a twin birth.The birth had already progressed so far that the transport of the mother in a hospital was no longer possible. After childbirth and first medical examination, the new earth citizens in transport incubators were flown to a hospital.
DRF Luftrettung strong in southern Germany
Baden-Wuerttemberg was in the past year, the state of the DRF einsatzstärkste Air Rescue: The helicopter in Stuttgart, Leonberg, Friedrichshafen, Villingen-Schwenningen, Freiburg, Karlsruhe and Mannheim, contributed a total of 9032 operations. Bavaria was in second place with 6219 operations at five stations, followed by Thuringia with 3353 operations of three helicopters. Einsatzstärkster the nationwide fleet of helicopters in air rescue DRF was “Christoph 43” in Karlsruhe, with 1790 operations.
DRF Luftrettung Abroad
At two stations in Austria and twelve stations in Italy provided the DRF in the past year 5734 air rescue helicopter operations. In the clinic area, the DRF led air rescue flight 2009 with LAR (Luxembourg Air Rescue) under the name of European Air Ambulance (EAA) 794 withdrawals of patients from abroad by their home countries. In 78 countries around the world have been flown.
The cost of the air rescue
The cost of the air rescue nationwide make up only a small fraction of the total budget in health care, the compensation negotiations with health insurance will be increasingly difficult. “For the benefit of our patients, we continuously invest in the optimization of medical equipment, the modernization of our fleet and the training of our personnel. So far, we have to bear the investment itself. We hope that part is covered by health insurance. The only way we can afford in the

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