Spidertracks approved to track Australian aerial firefighters

Spidertracks approved to track Australian aerial firefighters

27-Jan-2010 Source: Spidertracks

Tracking-based safety systems provider spidertracks today announced that it meets the criteria to provide tracking services for aerial firefighting operations in Australia.
The New Zealand-based company is already providing tracking services for many firefighting operators across Australia and will continue to do so under the Australian National Aerial Firefighting Centre’s (NAFC) initiative to standardise tracking of firefighting and related operations across the eight states.
The NAFC has chosen to implement a system that will see tracking data integrated into one system, but will allow operators to choose which tracking solution to use based on their individual needs. According to NAFC General Manager Richard Alder they have chosen the integrated data approach, rather than appointing just one tracking provider, “to give aircraft operators a much better range of options for participation and to take advantage of systems and equipment that is already in place”.
Spidertracks meets the NAFC’s criteria of being able to provide real-time tracking data, continuously, enabling greater coordination of resources between the various agencies involved.
Spider Tracks Limited Director Bruce Bartley says the NAFC’s approach allows operators to choose the system that is right for them. “We have many customers that are contracted to provide firefighting services in Australia. This decision means that our clients will be able to benefit from the spidertracks’ superior tracking and locationaware safety services, and the data that is collected, while meeting their flight following requirement for NAFC.”
“We have proven ourselves in a similar environment in the United States, providing flight following services to contractors to US and Canadian fire and forestry sectors, who require all of their contractors to have an approved Automated Flight Following system. Meeting the NAFC’s needs further validates our reputation as a trusted flight following and safety system.”
Mr Bartley says spidertracks has satellite texting capability, which meets the NAFC’s desire to include SMS messaging capability and event logging as part of its system in the future.
Mr Bartley says spidertracks is offering a special deal for Australian aviation and landbased organisations that are required to implement a flight following system by NAFC. Those who purchase and activate their spider before the end of February 2010 will receive the first three months subscription to the Iridium satellite network for free.

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