HeliHub.com launches Register Updates for selected countries

HeliHub.com launches Register Updates for selected countries

1-Feb-2010 Source: HeilHub.com

01-Feb-10 Weybridge, UK – HeliHub.com today launches its “Register Updates” series. These are periodically released updates to selected aircraft registers of the world, listing helicopters which have been added to that country’s register, removed from it or the listed owner has changed.
Depending on the size of the country, these updates could be any time period from weekly to annually, but we expect most to be weekly or monthly. This service will not be available for every country in the world, but we intend that our coverage will represent the majority of registration and owner changes within the global civilian helicopter fleet.
HeliHub.com owner Jeremy Parkin has a long history in the research of helicopter registrations across the globe. Starting in 1983, he maintained a very detailed database of every helicopter in the UK, and this data was well received and widely used to market products and services to helicopter owners and operators alike. From 1987 the decision was made to expand this to cover all of Europe, and by 1991 the database was global and numbered over 100,000 airframes of both civil and military helicopter types. This data was widely marketed and sold to civil and military organisations across the world. Mr Parkin has had six helicopter books published, including five annual volumes of the most comprehensive civil helicopter directory based on the aforementioned database.
Mr Parkin launched the helicopter industry’s first news website in 1999, and purchased HeliHub.com on 1st January 2010. The HeliHub.com team maintain and build the other sections of the site. This has, for example, seen over 140 News items posted in the first 11 working days of 2010. More new features of the site are planned, and will be launched over the coming months of 2010.

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