ARINC Completes a Nine-State Digital Radio Network for PHI Air Medical

ARINC Completes a Nine-State Digital Radio Network for PHI Air Medical 2 Feb, 10, Source: ARINC

ARINC Incorporated has completed a major digital enhancement of the nine-state flight operations radio network of Phoenix-based PHI Air Medical Group. PHI Air Medical is one of the country’s leading providers of emergency helicopter transport for hospitals and public safety agencies.

ARINC deployed new digital command consoles and custom software at four PHI Air Medical Communication Centers—a primary Center at the company’s Phoenix, AZ headquarters and three regional Centers in Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana. ARINC also installed new digital network hardware at 53 new and existing PHI air-ground radio sites to expand and enhance the network’s national radio coverage.

The new digital technology includes cutting-edge ROIP (radio-over-IP) capability which overcomes many of the limitations of analog voice networks by adding powerful, flexible message handling. Each Center and its pilot-staffed EOC desk can now communicate with PHI helicopter flight crews via any of the 53 radio towers on the nationwide network. In addition, all Centers can now communicate easily with one another and—if the need arises—assume one another’s responsibilities for local radio or phone traffic.

“Safety has been and always will be our primary focus when it comes to improving the way we operate,” said Dave Motzkin, Director, PHI Air Medical. “This upgrade in our
communications capabilities is the latest in a long line of safety innovations that will help to ensure our dispatchers are not overloaded and that our pilots are better connected, ultimately resulting in safer operations across the country.”

“It has been a pleasure to assist PHI Air Medical in improving the safety of their operations,” stated Marvin Ingram, Senior Director, ARINC. “We are proud to work with our customers to provide innovative communications solutions.”

PHI Air Medical provides high quality, mission-critical support for many of the nation’s leading health care and public safety agencies, with a nationwide fleet of helicopters offering services not previously available from civilian helicopter operators. PHI medically configured interiors allow a helicopter to operate as a flying ambulance, with procedures and services previously available only in a hospital.

PHI Air Medical is a business unit of PHI, Inc., a world leader in rotary flight for over half a century. The Company’s core business consists of offshore operations in the energy basins around the world. PHI’s commitment to safety is interwoven through the organization, and is demonstrated in the standards set for employment, culture, training and maintenance. The PHI Communication Centers in Phoenix and Lafayette, Louisiana are regarded as among the finest in the world, equipped with on-ground pilot support, satellite tracking of all aircraft, and other cutting-edge technology. PHI’s Headquarters are in Lafayette, Louisiana.

ARINC Incorporated, a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group, provides communications, engineering and integration solutions for commercial, defense and government customers worldwide. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland with regional headquarters in London and Singapore, ARINC is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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