Robinson R66 – deposits being taken

Robinson R66 – deposits being taken

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Robinson Helicopter Co seem to have got themselves in a PR pickle today.  No press release put out, yet a number of their dealers start to put information out on their own websites to say that the R66 Turbine is now released and you can put a $75K deposit down on one.  Try navigating their website, and there are no links to the R66 page as you’d expect, yet it can be found with a direct link here.  So it seems that either their PR person has gone off sick on the “wrong day”, or they changed their mind and want to make a big splash at Heli-Expo 2010 at Houston in a couple of weeks.  Perhaps that’s when they officially announce certification – but that said, founder Frank Robinson has always ploughed a furrow at his own pace, not at the pace the market expects.  Whatever the reason, here’s the information.

The R66 is a five-place helicopter that incorporates many of the design features of its reputable predecessor, the R44, including a two-bladed rotor system, T-bar cyclic and an open interior cabin configuration. The most notable differences are its increased reserve power and altitude performance, fifth seat and large baggage compartment. HID landing lights, leather seats, and a stereo audio control panel are standard in the R66.   Clearly externally similar to the R44, the cabin is proportionately longer and wider to take the Rolls-Royce 300 engine and a third seat across the back to bring the total to five.  Air vents near the tailboom root and a different exhaust are the major external hints.
Width – cabin = 58 in = 1.47m
Width – skids = 90 in = 2.29m
Width maximum = 92 in = 2.34m
Main Rotor diameter = 396 in = 10.06m
Tail Rotor diameter = 60 in = 1.52m
Height – cabin = 72 in = 18.3m
Height – rotorhead = 137 in = 3.48m
Length – fuselage = 354 in = 8.99m
Length – rotors turning = 459 in = 11.66m
So, in summary at this stage:-  Priced at US$770,000 before extras, and with FAA certification expected to be announced very soon, you can put a $75K deposit down on one now.   The full price list is available here.
We have not yet found performance data.  Gross weight is 1280lb,
Meanwhile, pre-owned prices on R44s are expected to take a notable dip, while Robinson’s founding helicopter the R22 has struggled to get factory-new sales into double figures of late.  Here are two more R66 photos sent to RHC dealers:-

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