Guardian Mobility Launches Gryphon

Guardian Mobility Launches Gryphon

23-Feb-2010 Source: Guardian Mobility

Guardian Mobility announced today at Heli Expo 2010 (booth # 3040) a new product for aircraft operators and partners, Guardian Gryphonâ„¢.
Guardian Gryphon is a breakthrough product that combines aircraft tracking and messaging in a unique way, to automate and streamline routine operations, and to improve data in operational systems. The product is built with an open platform that will be used to deliver other applications, by Guardian and third-party developers.
Guardian Gryphon builds on the company’s leadership in aircraft tracking and data communications with:

  • a stand-alone aircraft tracking and communications application, with simplified and cost-effective satellite communications between air crew and ground, using “canned” or ad-hoc messages;
  • the ability to build custom forms and applications, and integrate these into other operational systems – for billing, maintenance records, and safety management systems, as examples – for operators who want additional savings and efficiencies; and,
  • a set of tools for application developers, OEMs, and software vendors, including aircraft equipment manufacturers and solution providers, to integrate aircraft tracking and data communications into their offerings, including Electronic Flight Bags and Flight Data Management systems, for added value.
  • Guardian Gryphon includes industry-leading aircraft tracking, approved for Automated Flight Following (AFF) use, and customers get the benefits and peace of mind delivered by a proven flight tracking solution.

“Guardian Gryphon builds on Guardian’s exceptional tracking platform with an expandable communications solution geared to meet customers’ growing data communication needs,” said Ian Stewart, director of sales at Guardian Mobility.
Developer tools allow integrators to build applications that tie into existing systems, automatically populating a billing database with flight history, for instance.
A toolkit for building value
With Guardian Gryphon, Guardian is building on its strength in data communications, and providing an application programming interface (an API) to allow partners to create custom solutions that enable the transfer of data from machine to machine and from person to machine, and from the aircraft to ground systems. One such partner is Appareo Systems.
“Guardian’s Gryphon provide us with a great programmable interface enabling us to offer our customers a whole new class of high-value, connected solutions that leverage in-flight communication to ground systems.” said Jeff Johnson, Appareo’s vice president of business development.
Guardian Gryphon will be commercially available in March 2010. The developer toolkit, which includes a web services API for integration with ground applications and a Gryphon device API for integration with cockpit systems, is available in the same timeframe. Pricing information will be available at that time.
About Guardian Mobility
Guardian Mobility offers a full range of GPS tracking and communications solutions for aircraft, and devices that run on the Iridium and the Globalstar satellite networks. In 2002, Guardian introduced the first portable GPS tracking device for aircraft, allowing fleet operators to know the status and location of their aircraft at any given moment. Guardian’s products are approved for Automatic Flight Following (AFF) and used by forestry contractors worldwide.

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