Night Flight Concepts and Gladstone Aerospace Announce New NVG Capability in Canada

Night Flight Concepts and Gladstone Aerospace Announce New NVG Capability in Canada

26-Feb-2010 Source: Night Flight Concepts

Night Flight Concepts (NFC) of Port Saint Lucie, FL, a leading provider of comprehensive night vision technology (NVT) solutions and Gladstone Aerospace Corporation (GAC) a leading solution provider to the aerospace, defense and security (ADS) markets based in Ottawa, ON today announced they are working together to deliver a new Night Vision Goggle (NVG) inspection, testing, and maintenance capability in Canada. COMPREHENSIVE NVG MAINTENANCE Technicians complete rigorous maintenance courses and all have ample experience maintaining night vision equipment, both for civil and military organizations. This authorizes the conduct and certification for air-worthiness the 180-day service inspection; and removal and replacement of components for most make and model night vision imaging systems (NVIS) available.
The Canadian facility supports the following NVG classifications:

  • ITT – F4949 series
  • ITT – F4910 series
  • Litton of Northrop Grumman – M949 series
  • NIVISYS – NVAG (FAA TSO-C164 Approved)
  • US Army – AN/AVS-6 series
  • Canadian Forces, US Air Force / Navy
  • AN/AVS-9 series

“We are extremely happy to partner with GAC to deliver comprehensive NVG maintenance support options in Canada,” stated Adam Aldous, President of Night Flight Concepts. “These solutions feature the tools, training and knowledge required by clients to streamline Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) programs.” The new 180-day NVG service inspection includes certifying the following for continued airworthiness: battery pack, goggle adjustment ranges, helmet mount adapter, current draw, gain, high/low resolution, image distortion, image intensifier, infinity focus, eyepiece diopter settings, binocular collimation, low battery indicator, and purge. The NVG is returned to the owner/operator within 72 hours with a complete test data sheet, an air-worthiness compliance certificate, and a NVG trend analysis sheet (minimum of three inspections required to develop trend analysis).
As GAC President, Keith Gladstone explains: “Organizations in Canada face a variety of challenges in maintaining night vision equipment. It typically involves logistics variables not in the control of those organizations, such as border security and State Department ITAR logistics delays. The impact on organizations can be significant, as adherence to required regular NVG adjustment and maintenance requirements may ultimately interrupt critical operations. Our new NVG inspection, testing maintenance service options will enable faster turnaround on inspection and repair of NVG equipment, eliminate border related logistical considerations, and reduce NVG program costs and improve reliability through maintenance plans and long term performance monitoring.”
Testing and inspection services are conducted using Hoffman Engineering systems, the world’s leading source for Night Vision Goggle (NVG) and Image Intensifier test equipment. For over twenty five years, Hoffman has been the leading technology base for the testing of image intensifier tubes and the optical systems in which they are used. Testing equipment includes the Hoffman ANV-126A Digital Night Vision Device (NVD) Test Set used worldwide to monitor the performance of Aviator NVG’s. The ANV-126A is able to provide the user with the ability to measure every useful parameter of the NVG on a regular basis. Only the ANV-126A will provide Gain and Gain Ratios in addition to Resolution, Spot Defects, and Current Draw while allowing the user to check for Collimation and Diopter settings.
The NFC and GAC alliance was established to meets the challenging need and continuing growth of night vision goggle (NVG) operations within Canada and abroad particularly for law enforcement agencies, air medical/rescue services, military organizations, and government task force agencies; our “First Responders.” Together, NFC and GAC are working to develop unique, market-leading training and maintenance solutions to optimize night vision programs.
Night Flight Concepts (NFC) is a comprehensive night vision technology (NVT) provider specializing in night vision goggle (NVG) pilot and crewmember flight training, NVG service & maintenance repair, NVG maintenance technician training, and night vision program support for law enforcement agencies, air medical/rescue services, military organizations, and government task force agencies worldwide
Gladstone Aerospace Corporation (GAC) assists civil and military clients worldwide in identifying, articulating and driving business strategy, aerospace program planning, and systems development and delivery. GAC specializes in enhanced vision solutions development for the oil and gas sector and aerospace, defence and security sectors.

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