Sandel Shows More Capable Production HeliTAWSâ„¢

1-Mar-2010 Source: Sandel Avionics

Sandel Avionics displayed the production version of its new HeliTAWS HTAWS/Mission Safety System at HELI-EXPO 2010. Both a Class A HTAWS (helicopter terrain avoidance warning system) and a Mission Safety System with special operations enhancements, the Sandel HeliTAWS uses a range of unique pilot- able functions to provide unequaled operational and safety benefits.

Designed to enhance rotorcraft safety beyond the requirements of FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) C194 governing HTAWS, the 3-ATI Sandel HeliTAWS is a ruggedized, self-contained system developed specifically for helicopter use. Derived from Sandel’s best-selling ST3400 Class-A TAWS for fixed-wing aircraft, the new system incorporates an HTAWS computer, terrain and obstacle databases, nuisance-alert suppression and a high-resolution display in a single compact unit.

Going beyond HTAWS, Sandel HeliTAWS adds special mission capabilities that enable pilots to approach terrain and obstacles with greater precision and confidence, enhancing helicopter special mission performance by freeing the crew from nuisance alerts. And with panel space at a premium, the Sandel HeliTAWS can replace an existing radar altimeter indicator, simplifying installation in both retrofit and forward-fit applications.

Drawing from Sandel’s impressive TAWS legacy — the company is the industry’s second-largest supplier of retrofit Class A TAWS for fixed-wing Transport and Commuter aircraft, with thousands of systems installed on aircraft types ranging from King Airs to Boeing 747s — the new HeliTAWS incorporates such helicopter-specific features as:

  • Ultra-high, 3 arc-second (300’ grid) terrain resolution
  • On-demand NVIS without affecting daylight visibility.
  • Radar Altitude Display
  • Traffic Display overlay
  • Comprehensive obstacle database
  • On-screen obstacle depiction
  • Sandel’s proven nuisance alert suppression function enhanced for helicopters
  • Part 27 and Part 29 certified

The ruggedized HeliTAWS also meets DO-160F helicopter vibration standards and has an MTBF of more than 10,000 hours. Production and shipping are anticipated in April of 2010.

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