Helinet Technologies Expands Aerial Surveillance Services Engagement with Special Anti-Crime Unit of Trinidad and Tobago

Helinet Technologies Expands Aerial Surveillance Services Engagement with Special Anti-Crime Unit of Trinidad and Tobago

4-Mar-2010 Source: Helinet

Helinet Technologies, the aerial surveillance solutions division of Helinet Aviation, announced today it has been selected by the Special Anti-Crime Unit of Trinidad and Tobago (SAUTT) to assist the agency in implementing a fulltime, high definition aerial surveillance capability.  The assignment represents a continuation of Helinet’s work with SAUTT providing HD image gathering and live broadcast capabilities and will encompass infrastructure design and build-out, technology integration and training.

The new assignment follows Helinet’s engagement with SAUTT to provide the entire aerial surveillance capability for two, large-scale international gatherings hosted by Trinidad and Tobago in 2009: The 34-nation Summit of the Americas and the 53-nation Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.  Beginning with the design of a nationwide network of broadcast receive sites, the firm worked with SAUTT to develop a comprehensive security system that delivered a continuous live feed from above the events to commanders on the ground.  The assignments also included assisting with staffing of air crews, securing all necessary physical assets and delivering the live feed to SAUTT’s command center where it could be immediately shared with the security services of attending nations.

“We are pleased to be in partnership with SAUTT to upgrade their aerial platform to a full HD surveillance capability,” said Ron Magocsi, vice president, chief technical officer, for Helinet Technologies.  “The assignment corresponds to the growing interest we have seen worldwide for aerial surveillance tools that deliver higher quality, more actionable images that improve the ability of law enforcement, government agencies and the military to make critical decisions in real time.”

Backed by decades of experience at the forefront of the aerial surveillance and network broadcasting industries, Helinet was one of the first firms to deploy a live HD surveillance capability for its law enforcement and government clients.  Benefits of an HD solution include an improvement in image quality in terms of the level of detail and the ability to obtain high quality images from greater standoff distances.  In addition to its work with SAUTT, Helinet’s international footprint enables it to quickly create and deploy aerial surveillance packages to organizations across the globe with services ranging from basic equipment sales to fully outsourced surveillance solutions, including providing training, ongoing support, pilots and aircraft.

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