Absolute Fire Solutions introduces new “Fast Gel” initial attack bucket for helicopter operators

Absolute Fire Solutions introduces new “Fast Gel” initial attack bucket for helicopter operators

19-Mar-2010 Source: Absolute Fire Solutions

Absolute Fire Solutions (AFS) of Calgary, Canada, and Thermo Technologies of Bismark, N.D., have joined forces to offer an innovative new way to increase firefighting effectiveness. The FAST Gel Initial Attack bucket injection system eliminates the need to wait for large tankers and reservoirs, enabling fire agencies to apply the highly effective Thermo-Gel retardant much earlier in the fire suppression cycle.

Expanding on its reputation for introducing new technologies and capabilities in helicopter bucket technology, AFS developed the gel injection system as a result of fire agency input.
“Based on what we heard about the impact of Thermo-Gel, we wanted to deliver an initial attack option using our unique FAST Fill system for proper mixing, without the need for a large base tank setup,” said AFS President Steve Matthews. “The idea was to offer fire agencies a quick and simple initial attack option that would deliver the enhanced performance of Thermo-Gel in a quickly installed FAST Bucket delivery system. We are proud to offer our clients another first — the FAST Gel Initial Attack system.”

The injection system is designed for use in a FAST Bucket with FAST Fill internal pump capabilities. AFS designed the injection system to ensure quick and simple FAST Bucket cleanup, using a reservoir similar to the FAST Foam bag. As a result, operators may choose Thermo-Gel, water, or conventional foam retardant, depending on their firefighting need.

“The unique design of the FAST Bucket and the FAST Fill pump gave us the opportunity to create another new fire suppression capability,” Matthews said.  “The Thermo-Gel team worked with us to ensure that our mix process and final retardant mixture consistently exceeded their requirements. The FAST Gel system is the result of that team effort.“

About Absolute Fire Solutions
Absolute Fire Solutions (AFS) of Calgary, Canada, manufactures the FAST Bucket, the world’s first aerial firefighting bucket integrating cockpit volume control in every size. In its third year of operation, AFS has clients in 16 countries operating the full range of FAST Buckets and accessories, including FAST Fill, FAST Foam and now FAST Gel. The introduction of FAST Gel continues AFS’s aggressive innovation in aerial fire suppression equipment. For more information about Absolute Fire Solutions, visit www.absolutefire.ca

About Thermo-Gel
Renowned for its effectiveness, Thermo-Gel is an environmentally friendly polymer approved by the U.S. Forest Service for use in fire suppression and property protection. Thermo-Gel is being used extensively in Western Canada, United States and Australia by federal, state, provincial, county and city fire authorities. For more information about Thermo-Gel and its products, visit www.thermo-gel.com.

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