Hiller Aviation Museum announces 11th annual Vertical Challenge Helicopter Air Show

23-Apr-2010 Source: Hiller Aviation Museum

How old were you when you got bit by the rotor wing bug? Was it when you started walking and could point to the sky at that strange thing suspended in the air? Or was it your retirement present to yourself to become a helicopter pilot? Or are you somewhere in the middle? Doesn’t matter, the fact is you like helicopters and that is exactly what Vertical Challenge is all about

Pilots from across the United States will showcase their helicopters at the 11th Annual Hiller Aviation Museum’s Vertical Challenge on June 19, 2010. This event illustrates the many different abilities of the agile aircraft.

“They come in so many different shapes and sizes and have such a variety of different tasks that they perform. The helicopter is kind of the unsung hero. They’re the ones that fly in after the car crash and medivac to the hospital. They’re the ones that fly head first into the fire that everyone else is running away from and when someone is stranded at sea in a storm that even grounds the birds, it is the helicopter that braves they way for the rescue,” said Willie Turner, Vice President of Operation for the Hiller Aviation Museum.

Helicopters are used for everything from traffic reports to cliff rescues to national defense. The Vertical Challenge will showcase the different functions of the helicopter with various demonstrations including fire fighting, Search and Rescue and many other types of helicopter functions. Returning to the show this year will be Otto the Clown Helicopter along with an appearance from the only Zeppelin in the United States, flown by Airship Ventures.

Vertical Challenge is the place to be if you like helicopters. If you or someone you know has a helicopter and would like to participate please contact the Hiller Aviation Museum (650) 654-0200.

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