Kiowa OH-58 AVX Configuration Can Reduce Brownout

Kiowa OH-58 AVX Configuration Can Reduce Brownout

27-Apr-2010 Source: AVX

In addition to increased performance at a reduced cost, modeling has shown that the AVX configuration has the potential to reduce brownout conditions in the landing configuration.

Preliminary studies were made of the downwash/sidewash flow fields of the OH‐58D and the OH‐ 58AVX, along with limited studies of particle transport in ground effect in representative operating conditions. Evidence in calculations to date suggests the ability of the AVX aircraft to adopt a level or nose‐down trim attitude on approach may provide for improved visibility of the ground by the pilot in the period immediately before landing.

Conventional helicopters use a 15 degree nose up attitude during flare for landing. Because of the ducted fans, the AVX configuration can use a 5 degree nose down or even level approach to the landing zone. The illustrations reflect the different dispersal pattern of dust particles when the pilot is able to use the reduce degree of flare. This increases safety by giving the pilot a greatly improved view of the landing zone.

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