Helicopter Seychelles buys second Agusta A109C

Helicopter Seychelles buys second Agusta A109C

7-May-2010 Source: Helicopter Seychelles

Later this year Helicopter Seychelles will take delivery of their second Agusta 109C.

The new machine, to be based in their hangar at Providence on Mahé in Seychelles will operate from the International Airport close by.

Helicopter Seychelles is a privately owned company with forward thinking management and purchased their first Agusta 109C 2 years ago, just before the onset of worldwide  recession; this machine helped the company through the lean times of 2009.

Captain Rick Dooley, Director of Operations says: “Its introduction gave Seychelles two new service products –

  • The availability of non-scheduled (helicopter) transfers to parts of the archipelago not previously served other than by scheduled light aircraft or boat – the Outer Islands, Alphonse, Coetivy, D’Arros, Desroches, Marie-Louise and Platte.
  • The possibility of transfers at night. Daylight in Seychelles is from 6am to 6pm which means that even evening flights are not possible without the correct helicopter. The Agusta 109C has enabled us to provide a service to clients arriving and leaving on the increasing number of late night flights to and from Seychelles. Previously they would have had to stay on Mahé for longer than they wished, unable to reach their island destinations.”

Seychelles is a high end tourist destination and clients came to appreciate the new services.  The Agusta business, a five star, extended offshore service, conducted both day and night, is growing and the decision to go for a second machine was made on two fronts.

  • The need to ensure continuity of the rapidly developing services mentioned above.
  • The need for a more comfortable, almost luxurious, service. Clients are asking for more and are prepared to pay for it. The twin engine machine meets fully the requirements of our mission statement - “To provide Seychelles with a Safe, Effective and Customer Oriented Helicopter Service.”

Approval was given earlier this year and the new Agusta will join its stable mates of 4 x Bell 206 BIIIs and the first Agusta 109C in July 2010.

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