Police Operators Reap Benefits of Geneva Aviation’s New Digital Audio System

Police Operators Reap Benefits of Geneva Aviation’s New Digital Audio System

10-May-2010 Source: DART Helicopter Services

Kent, WA, May 10, 2010 — A new Geneva Aviation digital audio system (P139-HD) is getting high marks from Airborne Law Enforcement Services (ABLE) pilots and maintenance personnel.

The fully certified system is available through Geneva’s parent company DART Helicopter Services (DHS). ABLE is a joint venture of the Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and Santa Ana (California) police departments.

“We give high marks to the Geneva system,” said Kent Eischen, pilot and chief flight instructor for ABLE. “It is an asset to the successful completion of our mission, where concise communications are of utmost importance.”

Geneva’s communications management system, which features a central audio router that directs and enables high-quality audio communications from multiple sources, has been in operation on one of ABLE’s EC120 helicopters for the past four months. The system can direct up to 20 transceivers or audio sources. The NVG-compatible system is especially designed for missions that require the heavy use of multiple radios, including airborne law enforcement, homeland security, emergency medical, and electronic news-gathering operations, according to Stephen Cudnofskey, Geneva’s Chief Technology Officer.

Users appreciate the system’s ease of adjustment, which is made possible through built-in configuration software accessible from any laptop computer with an Ethernet port and web browser. “This eliminates the need for special software and cables, which usually get lost over time,” Cudnofskey said. “On installation, there is no need for Audio Matching Units or Universal Radio Adapters to install Motorola and other LE Radios.  The router can be set to handle all of it. This will save our customers literally thousands of dollars in installation and equipment costs, as well as reduce the weight.”

“The new P139-HD has enabled us to make subtle changes to volume levels in minutes with the use of a laptop,” said Russ Eastman, director of maintenance for ABLE.  “This has allowed us to optimize the performance with ease.”

Eischen agrees. “Radio transmissions are clear on the 800 mhz, VHF, UHF and VLF radio systems, and the audio is crisp,” he said. “Another nice feature is the ease with which adjustments can be made. This is definitely a plus for the mechanics who fine tune the systems.”

Renowned for its advanced engineering, integration and certification capabilities, Geneva Aviation offers customers on-site installation and technical support.  “Our sole mission as a company, is to assist our customers in meeting the challenges of implementing a constantly changing range of systems and components. Our products have been designed to meet the requirements of a very wide range of mission profiles,” Cudnofskey said.

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