Dart announces TC Approval of Round-I-Beam Skidtubeâ„¢ for AW119

Dart announces TC Approval of Round-I-Beam Skidtubeâ„¢ for AW119

14-May-2010 Source: DART Helicopter Services

DART Helicopter Services is pleased to announce that their affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd., has received Transport Canada approval of the Standard and Float Round-I-Beam™ Skidtubes for the Agusta Westland A119 / AW119MKII aircraft.  FAA approval has been previously received and EASA approval is pending.

DART created the Round-I-Beam™ Skidtube because conventional skidtubes are under-designed for the types of landings most helicopters encounter.  Conventional skidtubes are ill-equipped to face the critical loading conditions encountered when landing on uneven ground, rocks, tree roots, and other small objects.  Under these conditions, simple round tubes tend to puncture, dent and bend because they cannot maintain their shape.

DART’s revolutionary patented Round-I-Beam™ technology combines the conventional round tube with the strength of the I-Beam made from 6061-T6 aluminum.
The central I-beam web absorbs most of the impact on landing so the tube maintains its integrity.  Even with the addition of a central web, there is minimal weight increase compared to conventional OEM skidtubes.

The DART Round-I-Beam™  Skidtube was designed to accommodate the extreme conditions involved in military use.

For the A119/AW119MKII, DART designed both a standard skidtube and a one-piece float skidtube with extension.  The float skidtube is pre-drilled for compatibility with Apical floats and the integrated extension eliminates the necessity for a separate float extension.

All DART Skidtubes are manufactured incorporating corrosion resistance measure to improve the durability of the product especially in marine environments.

  • Alodined inside & out
  • CAD plated wearplate inserts to reduce changes of galvanic corrosion
  • Fully Powdercoat painted before installation of wearplates/wearpads
  • Sealed through-bolt spacers
  • All hardware coated in LPS Procyon Clear Hardcoat anti-corrosion compound
  • Two piece bolt-on saddles (easily disassembled to inspect and touch-up if required)
  • Bolt on ground handling lugs
  • Stainless Steel wearplates, bonded rubber gasket between skidtube & wearplate

DART standard and float skidtubes for A119 and AW119MKII are available in three configurations:

  • Wearpads: lightest weight (6 tungsten carbide welded wearpads intermittently installed at key locations)
  • Full length wearplates and wearpads (3 full length wearplates and 6 tungsten carbide welded wearpads intermittently installed at key locations)
  • Run-on landing wearplates: best protection (2 full length wearplates with heavy tungsten carbide weld, thru-bolt installation)

The DART Round-I-Beamâ„¢ Skidtube

  • Up to 10 times more resistant to damage
  • Full length stainless steel wearplates with tungsten carbide welds and gaskets to prevent galvanic corrosion
  • Manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum that can be repaired by welding
  • Reduce your inventory – DART replacement skidtubes are LH / RH interchangeable
  • Compatible on OEM crosstubes
  • Float compatible skidtube design also available; pre-drilled for Apical Floats.

“DART is pleased to now offer the Round-I-Beam™ Skidtube to A119 & AW119MKII operators in Canada.  The DART skidtubes represent an alternate source for landing gear components which was previously unprecedented.  These operators can now take advantage of DART’s economical pricing and fast delivery commitment..” Quote Bill Beckett, General Manger, DART Aerospace Ltd.

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