Max-Viz EVS performance exceeds expectations in wildfire suppression tests

Max-Viz EVS performance exceeds expectations in wildfire suppression tests

22-Jul-2010 Source: Max-Viz

Max-Viz and One Sky Aviation completed a successful series of tests on the performance of the Max-Viz EVS-1500 dual optical field of view sensor on wildfires in central Alaska.

“This important testing was necessary to confirm performance expectations of the EVS-1500 sensor over its predecessor, the EVS-1000, specifically in a fire environment” states Bob Yerex, VP Sales for Max-Viz. “Our STC development partner, Cary Foster from One Sky Aviation in Anchorage, has an EVS-1500 installed on his personal PA-30 aircraft and some exceptional digital recording equipment which allowed us to document the fire flight profile and then, after the flight, to analyze the video to validate system performance”. Bob Yerex states “the fiscal savings and performance improvements of EVS aided firefighting flight operations will dramatically change the safety and effectiveness of aircraft operating with the EVS-1500 system and fire management as a whole”.

The video associated with the flight test is available on the Max-Viz website at under the YouTube link. Cary Foster of One Sky Aviation states “We all expected the EVS-1500 with its enhanced dynamic range management and optimized software would provide an incredible image of not only the dynamic fire lines but also the surrounding ambient environment which could contain obstacles, higher trees, or mountainous terrain”.

About Max-Viz
Max-Viz designs and markets the smallest, most reliable and affordable Enhanced Vision Systems for aircraft. The systems use real-time infrared sensors, signal processing, and a cockpit display to provide flight crews with actual images of terrain, runways, taxiways, aircraft and other potential obstacles much better than the naked eye during poor visibility conditions such as light fog, haze, smoke, brown/whiteout, light precipitation and darkness.

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