Outerlink receives FAA Certification of new, lightweight Flight Data Unit

Outerlink receives FAA Certification of new, lightweight Flight Data Unit

22-Jul-2010 Source: Outerlink

Outerlink Corporation, a leading provider of satellite-based mobile asset management solutions, announced today that it has received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the installation of their Flight Data System in the Eurocopter EC135 helicopter series aircraft. The Flight Data System satisfies two of the top four recent NTSB safety recommendations.

The FAA approved installation includes the OuterLink Voice & Video Recorder (OVVR), Multi Function Data Acquisition Unit (MFDAU), Quick Access Recorder (QAR), Area Microphone and the Flight Display System FD600CAM2 camera. As part of the FAA approval process the Flight Data System has been tested to the latest DO-160F criteria under the high vibration rotorcraft standard. The STC allows customers to record all engine and autopilot data along with Radar Altimeter information.

Petroleum Helicopters, Inc. (PHI) played a pivotal role in the development and certification of the system. Outerlink and PHI have taken the lead in addressing recent NTSB safety recommendations by jointly developing and certifying a comprehensive Flight Data System that collects and records voice, video and aircraft flight data.

“We are very proud to be the first company to certify a cost effective flight data system for both digital and analog aircraft that actually records instrument data streams,” said Steve Durante, CEO for OuterLink. “Outerlink and PHI are committed to leading the industry with cutting edge safety tools and equipment. This partnership is an extension of a solid relationship between our Companies.

Jared Simon, PHI’s Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) Supervisor elaborated: “The OuterLink FDS will greatly enhance the insight into aspects of flight operations that can truly impact safety margins across the industry. Particularly in lightweight and legacy fleets, a device of this caliber and level of fidelity was non-existent or unpractical due to cost, weight or lack of data. This system addresses all three of these limitations and beyond with provisions for expansion. The fact that we have gone from concept to certification in about a year is truly remarkable.”

The OuterLink FDS allows customers to record 16GB of data and 16GB of voice and video on easily accessible SD cards in the QAR. All information is redundantly recorded on the crash resistant memory within the OVVR. The FDS also contains OuterLink’s Safety Matrix and Reporting Threshold (SMART) internal application that allows customers to develop event criteria based on multiple parameters and uses real-time monitoring and alerts via text message, email or satcom messaging. The OuterLink FDS has been integrated into OuterLink satcom system so that customers may utilize the innovative voice messaging, tracking and communication capabilities. Additional data, such as radar altimeter information, can be transmitted along with the standard 30 second interval position reports. “Whether installed as a stand-alone recorder or integrated with our satcom,” Durante concluded, “the FDS represents a huge leap in providing operators with a flexible system at a reasonable cost and weight.”

About Outerlink Corporation

Outerlink Corporation, is a leading provider of satellite-based mobile asset management solutions for mission-critical applications. Outerlink develops advanced asset tracking devices and software and provides engineering and integration services for enterprise-level fleet management. Outerlink’s satellite-based mobile asset management solutions provide secure, real-time location tracking and satellite communications capability including two-way messaging to strategically manage the operations of air, land and marine vehicles. Based in Lowell Massachusetts, Outerlink is a private equity backed company. For more information visit: www.outerlink.com

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