Goodrich AW139 Rotorblade Ice Protection System receives EASA certification

Goodrich AW139 Rotorblade Ice Protection System receives EASA certification

30-Aug-2010 Source: Goodrich

Goodrich Corporation’s (NYSE: GR) rotorblade ice protection system for the AgustaWestland AW139 medium twin-engine helicopter has received certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).  Certifications from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCAA) were also received. The rotorblade ice protection system is part of the AW139’s full ice protection system that provides its all-weather capability, making it the first helicopter in its category certified to fly into known icing conditions.

The Goodrich rotorblade ice protection system (RIPS) was designed and integrated as a complete ice protection solution for the AW139 platform resulting in a robust, highly reliable, and fully automated ice protection system. RIPS uses Goodrich’s unique DuraThermâ„¢ electrothermal mats which can tolerate considerable damage, including punctures, and continue to provide ice protection.  With expertise in ice detection, power distribution and DuraTherm de-icing technologies, Goodrich is the only systems supplier able to offer an all-inclusive ice detection and ice protection system.

“The recent certifications of our rotorblade ice protection system on the AW139 confirms Goodrich’s ability to partner with customers to provide both the avionics and advanced heating technology in a single-source ice protection solution for helicopters,” said Steve Guetter, rotorcraft business development director for Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems.

“The development of a completely integrated civil certified ice protection system was a ‘first time’ both for AgustaWestland and Goodrich,” added Enrico Bellussi, ice protection system design team manager for AgustaWestland, “and the key factor for the success of this venture was the pro-active, collaborative and problem-solving attitude adopted by the whole team. Continuous support and side-by-side work enabled the development of a complex system that impacted the whole helicopter both in installation and in overall performance.”

Goodrich ice detection and ice protection products are used extensively on many helicopter platforms including the Bell-Boeing V-22, Boeing Apache AH-64, NHIndustries NH90, new Korean Aerospace Industries Surion utility helicopter, and the Sikorsky Black Hawk, CH-/MH-53, S-76 and S-92.

Goodrich Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, is a global supplier of systems and services to aerospace, defense and homeland security markets. With one of the most strategically diversified portfolios of products in the industry, Goodrich serves a global customer base with significant worldwide manufacturing and service facilities. For more information, visit

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