ASU to deliver 19 NVG units to Virginia State Police

ASU to deliver 19 NVG units to Virginia State Police 3 Sep, 10, Source: Aviation Specialties Unlimited

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, (ASU) announced today that the Virginia Department of State Police Aviation Unit in Richmond, Va., would receive 19, F4949 Pinnacle Aviation Night Vision systems.

ASU already had obtained a necessary GSA contract that covered a full line of ITT aviation systems, parts and accessories.

“We are thrilled to fill the order for these 19 systems for the state police,” said ASU Founder and President Mike Atwood. “The Pinnacle Aviation Night Vision systems from ASU offer the most advanced technology and performance on the market.  They are also manufactured here in the United States,” Atwood added.

The news of this contract follows a cockpit modification contract earlier this summer for the San Diego Police.
“Law enforcement officials consistently have hired ASU or purchased from ASU over the last 15 years because of our commitment to service, affordability and reputation.  We are proud to help law enforcement aviation units around the world,” said Atwood.

ASU continues to support aviation safety and remains the global leader in night vision technology. For additional information, call 208-426-8117 or e-mail ASU at [email protected]

About ASU:

Since 1995, ASU’s goal has been to implement night vision in the civil aviation market to increase operational safety and improve mission capabilities. Our focus is on providing a turnkey solution to our customers so that with one call they can obtain:

* Night vision goggles and replacement parts
* Service/inspection for goggles
* NVG cockpit lighting solutions, installed by our FAA-approved 145 repair station technicians at our facility in Boise, Idaho, or at the customer’s facility
* Cockpit replacement parts provided by our FAA-approved PMA
* Initial and recurrent training for flight crews on the use of night vision via an FAA-approved 141 Training Program and/or 135 Air Operator Certificate
* Assistance in establishing Night Vision Programs.

To date, ASU has sold more than 1,200 aviator systems within the U.S. ASU is ITT Night Vision’s exclusive authorized service and& warranty center, and our technicians have been factory trained/certified.

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