TracPlus Global records major export sales

TracPlus Global records major export sales 3 Sep, 10, Source: TracPlus Global

Dunedin based tracking company TracPlus Global announced today that it has secured a number of significant international contracts that continue the company’s global success.

Following on from their success in being selected by the National Aerial Firefighting Centre (NAFC) as the exclusive integration provider for airborne fire fighting in Australia, the company has secured significant tracking and integration contracts in North America, as well as establishing strong market channels into South America. “It’s been a good couple of months” said Stuart Campbell, CEO of TracPlus Global.

A major Canadian hydroelectric company has selected TracPlus Global to integrate tracking data from over 150 contracted helicopters that are using different tracking systems.

“Instead of having to mandate a single tracking solution to their contractors, or having to decode tracking data from half a dozen different tracking providers, our customer can now see all their contracted assets on a single TracPlus screen. This has revolutionized the way in which they are monitoring and managing their subcontractors, as well as a dramatic improvement in meeting their occupational safety and health obligations.” Campbell continued. Health and safety requirements and operational efficiencies have also led a major Californian gas and electric company to equip their field engineers and contractors with TracPlus’ SHOUT, a hand held tracking and global messaging device. Similarly, one of the world’s largest mining companies has begun providing their key personnel operating in the world’s remotest regions with the SHOUT as a company requirement.

Meanwhile, Queensland Volunteer Coast Guard Australia has followed in the steps of Coastguard New Zealand in choosing TracPlus Global as their sole tracking provider.

“These recent successes are not by chance. They are the result of years of hard graft by our talented team to develop our unique product, and the global market is now sitting up and taking notice. These contracts show that our customers are embracing the significant value that our focus on interoperability brings to an otherwise proprietary and segmented market,” said Campbell. But the international award winning company acknowledges that it is probably better known off shore than it is at home. “We understand that we’ve been a bit of a quiet achiever, and people are often quite surprised to find a New Zealand based company is leading the way in this very competitive global market.” But commercial success doesn’t mean that TracPlus has been sitting still. In fact, far from it.

“We are in the final stages of testing the next generation of our product – TracPlus 2.0. This represents a major leap forward in our technology and capability, and for the first time brings together multi-asset, multiview, multi-track and multi-map capabilities that our corporate and emergency services customers have been demanding into a single, easy to use application” revealed Campbell who also reported an overwhelming response from those who had seen the closely guarded application.

“We are looking forward to a nationwide product launch tour before Christmas. We are especially delighted that New Zealand emergency services, including Rescue Coordination Centre of New Zealand (RCCNZ), Coastguard New Zealand and St John will be amongst the first in the world to have access to this leading technology.”

The company has also been a strong supporter of extreme adventurers and has tracked multiple successful world record attempts, including Trans Tasman kayakers James Castrission and Justin Jones, Earthrace, Tasman rower Sean Quincey, round the world yachtswoman Jessica Watson and helicopter pilots Scott Kasprowicz and Steve Sheik.

TracPlus Global is currently supporting The Ultimate Ride jet ski team making their way from London to Auckland to raise Cancer Awareness.

Boeing 747 pilot Jeremy Burfoot and his support team will ride across the English Channel, through the waterways of Europe, across the Black and Red Seas, through the Suez Canal, across the Bay of Bengal and Timor Seas, to Sydney and then across the Tasman Sea to finally arrive in Auckland – a trip of over 32,000 kilometers in five months, almost doubling the current jet ski distance record.

About TracPlus Global Limited
TracPlus Global Ltd is a next generation Tracking Service Provider, delivering seamless, reliable, and secure real time global tracking, sensor monitoring and data analysis services to private, business, military, and government organizations worldwide, using guaranteed mission critical hosting infrastructure. The TracPlus product and service occupies a unique position in the global telemetry market. In a global market where new tracking hardware is announced daily, TracPlus is the only tracking service designed to work with any OEM tracking terminal, across any satellite or cellular network, and deliver data to a wide variety of client applications including third party command and control systems.

TracPlus also sets a new standard in operator and agency interoperability, allowing users to easily and securely share data with each other. This enables emergency response and rescue coordination agencies to visualize time critical tracking data in the systems of their choice, regardless of the source of that data. TracPlus Global won the International Technium Challenge in 2008 and was chosen as the Gen-I Startup Exporter of the Year in August 2008. In September, TracPlus Global won the TUANZ Initiative of the Year, and was chosen as the Overall Winner of the TUANZ Innovation of the Year 2008. In 2009, TracPlus Global was awarded the Runner-Up for the “Most Innovative Security Products & Services: Communications, Disaster Preparedness and Maritime” at the 6th Annual Security Summit held in San Diego, held by The Security Network.

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