Ryan Aerospace shortlisted for US-based innovation award

Ryan Aerospace shortlisted for US-based innovation award

10-Sep-2010 Source: Ryan Aerospace

Launched at the I/ITSEC expo in Florida in December 2009, the Helimod Helicopter Simulator by Ryan Aerospace (Australia) has redefined “high quality / low cost helicopter simulation” by offering a reconfigurable unit that allows customers to change from one aircraft type to another in just minutes.

This re-configurability along with its robust design, small footprint, low cost and realistic force trim function all contributed to it being considered for an award.

Managing Director Chris Ryan said he was delighted that the Helimod had achieved this level of acclaim saying that there has been very positive feedback from the demonstrations over the past six months at shows in the US, Europe and the UK.

He added that it has still been difficult breaking into defence markets as customers have never really seen a helicopter simulator like this at this cost. Therefore in many cases, have not identified an actual need or requirement for such a device. He did say, though, that when people do see it, they think very hard as to how it could be applied to their training needs.

Mr Ryan said he was approached by a large Naval Force at I/ITSEC in Florida last year. The Director of simulation requirements looked at the Helimod for a while then he turned to his colleagues and said:

“You know what this is? This is 80% of the solution at about 2% of the cost”.

More information about the awards can be found here.

This is how easily the Helimod can be re-configured.

1 – Start with the base unit comprising the main platform, anti-torque pedals, cyclic (complete with force trim / trim release function) and seat. (Pedals and cyclic are also interchangeable.)

2 – Add the monitor brackets and monitors. (Or use an optional projection system.)

3 – Choose your aircraft specific module to attach to the side. Pictured is the Bell 206 Jetranger / Kiowa / TH-57 but other aircraft type modules are available. Each module comprises aircraft specific instrumentation, working avionics / nav aids, collective and overhead panel with working buttons, switches and circuit breakers.  Each module has its own integrated circuitry and all are USB ‘Plug and Play’ making them entirely independent of the main unit and simple to set up. Aircraft specific modules can be changed over without even turning off the computer(s). Also note the addition of keyboard and mouse.

Here is the final unit assembled in just minutes.

Uses of the Helimod include:

* Mission rehearsal
* Familiarisation flights
* Weather avoidance / interaction
* Part-task trainer (PTT)
* Emergency procedures
* NAV training
* Lab work / testing
* Human factors analysis
* DIS role player
* Crew resource management (with optional rear cabin and airframe cockpit enclosure)
* Displays at trade shows / events (for recruiting agencies etc.)

Be sure to come and see us again at I/ITSEC in Florida in December!


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