New home for Christoph Europa 1 in Merzbrück

New home for Christoph Europa 1 in Merzbrück

18-Sep-2010 Source: ADAC

With a solemn ceremony today to dedicate the ADAC air rescue and the cities of Aachen the new building of the air rescue Christoph Europa 1 a. After ten months of construction, air rescue center is a completely new developed, the most modern requirements. This will start in the over 35-year history of the rescue helicopter, a new era.

First, the rescue helicopter was operated by the armed forces. In 1998, the nonprofit ADAC air rescue the Betreiberschaft Christoph Europe 1 The crew was up in July 2010 set in an ancient building of the former Belgian barracks, while the helicopter found shelter at night in a hangar several hundred meters away of the airfield. Current labor and hygienic standards for new development took a helicopter crew and necessary. The ADAC air rescue has invested approximately € 2 million to continue to ensure a timely rescue can.

Christoph Europa 1 and his crew complete a year more than 2000 operations. This supply air savior not only the population of the cities Aachen region but also across borders with the Belgian and Dutch neighbors.

The ADAC Air Rescue has a total of three rescue helicopters that are used across borders. These include next Christoph Europa 1 in Aachen-Merzbrück also Christoph Europa 2 in Rheine and Christophorus Europa 3 in Suben, near Passau in Lower Bavaria.

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