Dart AS350/355 Quick Release Heli-Utility-Basketsâ„¢ certified by FAA, TC and EASA

Dart AS350/355 Quick Release Heli-Utility-Basketsâ„¢ certified by FAA, TC and EASA 28 Sep, 10, Source: DART Helicopter Service
DART Helicopter Services is pleased to announce that their affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd., has received Transport Canada, FAA and EASA approvals for their Quick Release Heli-Utility Basketâ„¢ for the AS350/AS355 models of helicopters that is compatible with Eurocopter Squirrel Cheeks.
DART’s new quick release baskets are lighter weight and easier to install than its original baskets and provide increased volume and cargo capacity.  The new design features a patent pending mounting system that allows one person to quickly install or remove the basket in less than one minute without the use of tools (after initial installation).  The flat bottom of this square concept basket will easily accommodate many types of cargo.  The lid is available in two configurations: sturdy expanded stainless steel which allows it to act also as a work platform or, for additional weight savings, with fabric mesh.  The basket is available in long and short version for maximum versatility.
A video demonstration of the basket installation and removal can be viewed at www.darthelicopterservices.com.
Featured Benefits:
* Compatible with Eurocopter Squirrel Cheeks and DART Spacepodsâ„¢ and concurrent step installation
* 10-20 lb  lighter without sacrificing cargo capacity
* Basket weight is 48 – 81 lbs (depending on configuration)
* Basket capacity is 200 – 232 lbs (depending on configuration)
* Can be installed or removed  by one person in less than 1 minute without the use of tools (after initial installation)
* Flat lid doubles as a work platform
* Fabric mesh lid provides further weight reduction
* Approved to be flown LH, RH or both sides simultaneously
* Compatible with Spacepods & other baggage compartment extenders & with sliding doors
* High gloss white scratch resistant finish
* Gas spring assists with closing/opening and keeps lid closed/open
* Deadman latch closure
* Square design/flat bottom
* Quick release mounting system
* Carrying handles
DART Aerospace also offers solutions for mounting airborne data collection equipment, such as LiDAR, in Heli-Utility-Basketsâ„¢ and Heli-Utility-Podsâ„¢.
“We have found that making DART kits compatible with as many other products as possible provides our customers with the maximum versatility.  That is why we’ve created a variation of our basket design specifically for customers with Squirrel Cheeks installed.”  Quote Bill Beckett, General Manager, DART Aerospace Ltd.
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