Tanis delivers aviation’s most prescribed cold weather protection remedy

Tanis delivers aviation’s most prescribed cold weather protection remedy 28 Sep, 10, Source: Tanis Aircraft Products
Tanis Aircraft Products announced today its comprehensive line of aircraft and engine preheat systems are the most commonly prescribed solutions for cold weather protection and dependable aircraft starting. The company’s patented technologies are built for safe and secure aircraft operations, and most of Tanis’ components and products are FAA-PMA certified.
Tanis has been developing weather protection systems for more than 35 years, since designing the first internal engine preheater. Tanis offers complete winter protection packages for aircraft owners and operators, including: Engine Preheat Systems, Battery and Cabin Preheaters, and Insulated Engine and Propeller Covers. The Tanis design methodology results in the only preheater system to provide heat directly to the cylinder head and oil sump, specifically for piston engines. This is just one reason why being the first means being the best.
Tanis has also developed preheat systems for turbine aircraft and helicopter operators. Most often these aircraft fly on demanding schedules and cannot afford to be grounded due to cold weather conditions. Tanis has developed custom preheaters for Augusta, Bell, Brantley, Enstrom, Eurocopter, MD/Hughes, Robinson, Rotorway, Schweizer and Sikorski helicopter models to reduce the risk of mechanical damage by improper heating. Preheat systems for fixed-wing turbine aircraft are also available for the most common Garrett and Pratt & Whitney engines.
A Tanis preheat system is a must-have accessory for any aircraft operator in cold weather environs. Cold weather starts can seriously damage an airplane’s engine and shorten its life. Gyros and instruments with LED readouts have difficulty functioning in very cold temperatures. When using Tanis systems, passenger comfort and pilot preparedness are increased making flying more enjoyable and ultimately safer. With a Tanis preheat system, safety is greatly enhanced over traditional heating methods that use flame or a glowing heat source. Most of all, efficiency is optimized by applying heat exactly where needed when using a Tanis system.
Application of the Tanis system is quick with its plug-in operation. Tanis preheat systems include a heavy-duty electrical harness with optional flush mount plug for quick connectivity and remote indicator light providing pilots with the assurances of proper operation. Tanis’ patented battery preheater is designed to safely warm an aircraft battery and ensure its optimum cranking power. Tanis cabin preheaters warm both cabin and cockpit enabling critical operation of panel instruments. Custom fitted, insulated covers from Tanis add up to 4-5 hour layovers without preheating, plus they install easily and store compactly.
Bob Krueger, Tanis Aircraft Products, commented, “Our customers are telling us that we have given them the most appropriate and reliable system on the market. Recognition has come from operators at every segment of aviation, from light aircraft to twins and turboprops, as well as rotorcraft.” Krueger added, “We are committed to ensuring operators that flying with a Tanis system provides unmatched efficiency and superior confidence when flying in cold weather environments.”
About Tanis Aircraft Products
Tanis Aircraft Products manufactures customized preheater and maintenance solutions for any aircraft application. Tanis systems are designed to give quicker starts and faster engine warm-up, saving time and fuel. With a Tanis system installed, an aircraft won’t be grounded due to cold weather. Tanis delivers aviation’s most prescribed cold weather protection remedy. Preheat and protect with Tanis.

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