Sikorsky and LockMart launch MH-60R microsite

Sikorsky and LockMart launch MH-60R microsite

6-Oct-2010 Source:

Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin have launched a microsite specifically for the MH-60R helicopter. [For those unfamiliar with the techical terminology, a microsite is a self-contained page or group of pages meant to supplement a larger website, and with its own distinctive website address].

In this case the website can be found at

This is believed to be the first time that Sikorsky has been involved in such a website, a marketing approach that is better known over at rival Eurocopter – who have microsites for various aircraft models, with their probably the best known. AgustaWestland have not taken this marketing approach to our knowledge. While Bell have not trialled a microsite in its true sense, their marketing approach for the recent Farnborough Air Show did show promise in this direction with event-specific accounts on both Twitter and YouTube (see here and here respectively)

Microsites have become a great way for an organisation to promote a specific sub-brand, whether it be a product or service, and are widely used in the area of recruitment and product marketing. Microsites are useful for tracking the viewer response to specific campaigns run in various media by virtue of a dedicated website address, which in turn gives better tracking and monitoring options to analyse a campaign’s success. With the links that owner Jeremy Parkin has in the IT industry, it is clear to us that the helicopter industry are quite a way behind in this respect.

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