WSI enhances Gulf of Mexico capabilities for helicopter operators

WSI enhances Gulf of Mexico capabilities for helicopter operators 15 Oct, 10, Source: WSI

WSI (Weather Services International) today announced that its award-winning Pilotbrief Online flight service has added US Mineral Management Service (MMS) Blocks and Platforms, as well as new weather hazard analysis features focused on the Gulf of Mexico (GOMEX) for rotorcraft operators.

”WSI Pilotbrief has always offered best-in-class global weather decision support for pilots in one affordable, easy-to-use service,” said Paul Hathaway, WSI’s Director of Product Management. “We are significantly expanding the services we offer in the Gulf of Mexico. The GOMEX is a unique operating environment for rotorcraft with specialized forecast and aviation dataset requirements. To meet these needs, WSI’s Interactive Map has been adapted to include MMS Blocks and Platforms which are the destinations for these offshore flights. When these features are combined on our Interactive Map with the proprietary weather safety products that we offer in the Gulf and the route of flight, the result is an online service that adds significant value to offshore operators.”

Because the Gulf of Mexico physically lacks ground-based radars, WSI has created a “synthetic radar” derived from data channels in satellite imagery to take the place of its highly regarded, land-based NOWrad mosaic. When combined with its Global Lightning Network (GLN) and its proprietary WSI SIGMETs, WSI can provide Gulf operators with access to weather hazard analysis that was previously unavailable.
In addition, WSI’s aviation forecast team can provide Gulf rotorcraft operators with specifically tailored forecasts for both terminal and offshore Gulf locations. Alerts will be generated when conditions are forecast to affect operations.

“Our Gulf aviation customers have selected WSI for a number of reasons,” stated Mark D. Miller, VP and GM of WSI’s Decision Support Group, “WSI understands the unique needs of the offshore rotorcraft market. It has a global, proprietary weather and hazard product set that will significantly enhance the safety of GOMEX operations.”

Learn more about WSI Pilotbrief Online at WSI’s Booth # 6037 at NBAA 2010 in Atlanta, October 19-21.

About WSI Aviation
WSI, the most trusted weather decision support provider in the aviation industry, provides a proactive, aviation, operation management suite ensuring common situational awareness and continuity in decisions through every phase of flight. WSI PilotbriefTM is an integral component of WSI’s comprehensive flight decision support solution, which includes WSI Hubcast® terminal forecasts and alerting for airport stakeholders, InFlightTM datalink for pilots, as well as the WSI FusionTM dispatch application. WSI also operates a Global Forecast Center staffed by experienced aviation meteorologists that produce operational terminal and enroute forecasts globally.

Collectively, the WSI solution streamlines workflow and enables common weather situational awareness through all phases of flight, improving operational confidence, communications, flexibility and decisions among key flight stakeholders. The result is improved safety and efficiency.

About WSI
WSI (Weather Services International) is the world’s leading provider of weather-driven business solutions for professionals in the aviation, energy and media markets, as well as multiple federal and state government agencies. WSI is a member of The Weather Channel Companies and is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts with offices in Birmingham, England. The Weather Channel Companies are owned by a consortium made up of NBC Universal and the private equity firms The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital. More information about WSI can be found at

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