Pure & Secure LLC completes USCG contract for Turbomeca Ariel 2C2 rinse water

Pure & Secure LLC completes USCG contract for Turbomeca Ariel 2C2 rinse water 20 Oct, 10, Source: Pure & Secure

Pure & Secure LLC, has completed a competitive-bid contract with the United States Coast Guard to provide high-purity rinse water for the Coast Guard fleet of HH65C helicopters using dual Ariel 2C2CG Turbomeca turbines.

The unique custom-designed high purity rinse-water purification system is used for the post- sortie and all other turbine rinse applications. The equipment, produced in Lincoln, Nebraska, is now installed at 25 U. S. Coast Guard stations nationwide. The Coast Guard’s maintenance approach is to provide standardized equipment system-wide. In addition to standardized water purity, the Coast Guard now has uniform water purification education, equipment training and water sampling techniques at each location.

The Coast Guard chose this standardized approach to ensure they could meet the rigorous Turbomeca turbine maintenance specifications and allow for training efficiencies as USCG personnel get transferred from base to base. The Coast Guard’s goal for this program is to upgrade its maintenance program, and improve turbine life and performance of its fleet.

Now marketed under the TurboPureWater brand, the product line has several models of varying capacities to suit any budget. Each is based on a steam-distillation purification technology with deionization and other integrated technologies. Water quality is constantly monitored and a visual meter provides a real-time status of the water quality. Pure & Secure has seen growth in sales of water purification equipment using steam-distillation and has an increasing list of global customers. Besides the Coast Guard current customers include the U. S. State Department, the U. S, Air Force, and Boeing.

For more information on the Pure & Secure purification contract for the U. S. Coast Guard or an interview with company executives contact Mark McDonald (402) 309-0721

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