Majority shareholder of Tanis Aircraft Products ups stake to 100%

Majority shareholder of Tanis Aircraft Products ups stake to 100%

11-Nov-2010 Source: Tanis Aircraft Products

Tanis Aircraft Products announced today the 100-percent acquisition of company assets by its president Bob Krueger. Serving in this role and as majority shareholder since 2006, Krueger purchased the remaining shares of Tanis Aircraft Products from its former vice president, Linda Cole. A 30-plus-year employee, Cole recently announced her retirement from Tanis.

The purchase of Tanis Aircraft Products will serve to ensure the company’s continued success. Company assets include a vast product line of custom-designed Aircraft Engine Preheater Systems, numerous FAA-PMA Certificates and U.S. Patents dating back to 1976, as well as auxiliary heater products such as oil sump and battery heaters, and custom-fitted insulated covers. The Tanis product line was designed for the most popular aircraft engines including Lycoming, Continental, Pratt & Whitney, Garrett, SMA diesel, Thielert, Rotax, and Jabiru. Tanis also holds numerous FAA Letters of Acceptance from most light-sport aircraft manufacturers for installations of a Tanis preheat system. Custom preheat solutions can be configured by Tanis for any aircraft including experimental aircraft.

Tanis Aircraft Products was founded by the late Peter Tanis in 1973. In its formative years, the company was awarded U.S. patents for many of its designs. Tanis has remained the industry leader for aircraft preheat systems through 37-plus years of innovative product design. The company has maintained this level of success by continued employment of a knowledgeable production and support staff, many having worked with the company’s founder and previous leadership.

Prior to joining Tanis as president in 2006, Bob Krueger previously started and led other companies through their growth cycles. Krueger’s vision for Tanis is to continue to introduce new products. By taking 100-percent ownership of the company, Krueger will be able to move ideas forward quickly. As a private pilot and strong advocate of general aviation, Krueger has seized this opportunity to bring the Tanis line of Aircraft and Engine Preheaters into its second half-century.

Bob Krueger, president of Tanis Aircraft Products, commented, “I see tremendous potential in the Tanis product line. Aircraft engine preheaters and protection accessories allow operators to safely keep their aircraft flying when inclement weather would normally limit productivity. Tanis products enable safe operations and prolong the life of engines that can be severely reduced, or damanged, by cold starting. I have great faith in the product and the team that has been in place for many years.” Krueger concluded, “Tanis is the world leader in aircraft and engine preheater systems. We plan to continue our leadership role with innovative products.”

About Tanis Aircraft
Tanis Aircraft Products manufactures customized preheater and maintenance solutions for any aircraft application. Tanis systems are designed to give quicker starts and faster engine warm-up, saving time and fuel. With a Tanis system installed, an aircraft won’t be grounded due to cold weather. Tanis delivers aviation’s most prescribed cold weather protection remedy. Preheat and protect with Tanis.

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