Mexican Federal Police take delivery of three UH-60Ms

Mexican Federal Police take delivery of three UH-60Ms

1-Dec-2010 Source: Policia Federal

In a ceremony headed by the Secretary of Public Security, Genaro Garcia Luna Engineer and U.S. Ambassador Carlos Pascual Mexico , in the Command Center of the Federal Police , carried out the delivery of three UH-60M Black Hawk, aircraft entirely new, specially designed to the specifications required by the federal Public Security Secretariat.

The U.S. Army pilots trained Mexican Federal Police for the operation of this new generation of aircraft that are integrated to work against organized crime and the protection of strategic installations and in support of the civilian population in cases natural disaster.

This was in the framework of bilateral cooperation Merida, so that the Secretary of Public Safety federal, noted that “this team will join the new capabilities of the Federal Government to implement actions in the operational and combat crime at a time when Mexico is undertaking the most sweeping reform in its history in terms of security. ”

During his speech, Genaro Garcia Luna reported that criminal gangs are in the process of weakening and degradation, however, the Federal Government is getting stronger, to have instruments to assist in its responsibility to safeguard the rule of law in country stating further that “these exchanges at the bilateral, regional and global must incorporate at least three areas: technology, education and training and intelligence. Progress in these and other issues to strengthen cooperation between our countries is the correct path to meet successfully the threats to our security and our development as a country. ”

And in particular reaffirmed by the United States through its agencies forming instructors for both the tasks of investigation and intelligence, control and confidence to fight corruption and deviation from police, contributing to criminal organizations are in the process of decline and degradation.

In contrast, the Federal Government is becoming stronger, has better instruments to assist in its responsibility to safeguard the rule of law throughout the country.

For his part, U.S. Ambassador Carlos Pascual Mexico gave the aircraft that will give continuity to the efforts of both governments, to deal firmly with organized crime that operates in trans.

He noted that the Merida Initiative reinforces “the programs and joint action plans to share technology, information and skills” aimed at reducing criminal organizations and maximize the effectiveness of efforts to combat them.

The Ambassador also emphasized that “this November ends the second year since the United States and Mexico signed a letter of agreement to begin implementing the Merida Initiative. About $ 310 million in equipment and training have been delivered. And end of 2011, we plan to deliver $ 495 million in equipment and training. ”

This event was attended by Engineer Facundo Rosas Rosas, Commissioner General of the Federal Police, Benito Andión Ambassador, Coordinator of International Cooperation on Security of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Keith Mines, Director of Narcotics Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, Major General Lawrence Stutzriem, Head of Planning and Operations Nordhcom, Francis Amavizca, Assistant Regional Director of the DEA.

The pilots of the Federal Police who received awards at the ceremony after graduating from the Qualification Course of UH-60L Training Center United States Army, are:

* Chief Inspector Mario Angel Ramones Villarreal, consultant, instructor and Commanding General of UH-60 Team
* Deputy Inspector Marco Antonio Flores Hernández, commander of UH-60L
* Inspector Roberto Carlos Gómez Hernández, commander of UH-60L
* Officer Jose Luis Pardo Saldaña, Commander of UH-60L
* Deputy Inspector Raul Fernandez Cortes, commander of UH-60L
* Deputy Inspector Roberto Carlos Alanis Macías, Copilot UH-60L
* Deputy Inspector Hector Eduardo Castillo Gopar, Commander of UH-60L

The following pilots graduated from the Pilot Course for Bristow Academy Mission:

* Inspector Rafael Ramírez Montes, Commander of UH-60L
* Deputy Inspector Manuel Acevedo César Bañuelos, Commander of UH-60L
* Inspector César González Roberto Palomera, Copilot UH-60L
* Official Freddy Garcia Zavaleta, UH-60L Pilot
* Inspector David Sanchez Parra, commander of UH-60L
* Deputy Inspector Augustine Calva Escamilla, Copilot UH-60L
* Inspector General Enrique Martínez Briceño, Commander Squadron UH-60L
* Deputy Inspector Mario Martínez Romero, Maintenance Supervisor
* Third Police Evaristo Rodriguez Olivares, Director of Maintenance
* Third Police Antor Victor Rojas, Maintenance Technician

The three UH-60M Black Hawk police provide operational benefits to the most advanced technology, automated controls and a wide performance in extreme conditions, can handle more than four tons of weight.

Other features of the UH-60M Black Hawk are:

* Digital cockpit to reduce the workload
* Cockpit compatible with night vision system for tactical operations
* On-screen digital map to improve navigation and operations
* Advanced search Infrared System (FLIR)
* Comprehensive digital monitoring system of the aircraft
* GPS Navigation System
* Lateral rescue hoist with a capacity of 272 kilograms for evacuation in places of difficult access
* Short-protection for environments with wiring cables
* Digital communication system

These three aircraft are integrated into the fleet of seven helicopters UH-60M Black Hawk with telling the Federal Police , which were purchased with funds from the Federal Government.

Thus Mexico and the United States firmly and resolutely faced threats to their safety and endorse the bilateral interest to continue the international security strategies, which are consolidated projects shared by both countries in the ongoing fight against crime in all its manifestations.

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