Netherlands sends Chinook and 3 Cougars to fight Israeli fires

Netherlands sends Chinook and 3 Cougars to fight Israeli fires

5-Dec-2010 Source: Dutch MoD

[Electronic translation of Dutch press release]

Netherlands sends a Chinook transport helicopters and three Courgar to Israel to fight a major forest fire near the city of Haifa. That the ministers decided today Rosenthal and Hillen. The fire raging since yesterday, by drought and high winds are difficult to extinguish. It is the largest fire in the existence of Israel.

The helicopters are expected to leave tomorrow and arrive than earlier this week near Haifa. Defence provides the equipment and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will pay the bet.

Bambi bucket
Thanks to a flexible water bag hanging below the helicopter, known as bambi-bucket, the apparatus capable of water pouring out a blaze. The Cougar can carry 2500 liters of water at a time, a Chinook 10,000 liters. The devices can be dragged over water or a fire spreading in a time deposit. To prevent spread of the fire and objects to shield it is possible to lay a water curtain.

Cougar and Chinook transport helicopters of the Royal Air Force in recent years repeatedly used for fighting purposes. Thus, inter alia, assisted in the cocoa fire in Zaandam, a natuurbrand at Austerlitz, a fire in a warehouse in Venlo and burning dunes near Heemskerk and in the municipalities of Bergen, and Goirle Oisterwijk. International offered the devices help forest fires in Portugal (2006) and Greece (2007).

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