Ulan-Ude supply ten Mi-8AMTSh to Russian military

Ulan-Ude supply ten Mi-8AMTSh to Russian military

22-Dec-2010 Source: Ulan-Ude

Under implementation of the Russian Federation Air Force Modernization program JSC Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant being a part of Russian Helicopters holding company supplied 10 Mi-171AMTSh (export part number Mi-171Sh) helicopters to Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Acceptance of the helicopters by the Customer was over in early December 2010. On the 21st of December, the helicopters started ferry flight from Ulan-Ude to one of the Air Force military bases in the European part of the Russian Federation.

Nowadays Mi-171AMTSh (Mi-171Sh) helicopter appears to be one of the most popular medium military transport helicopters all over the world. Experts feature versatility of the helicopter and its high performance. Due to weaponry and protective means set the helicopter bears a nickname “Terminator” given by reporters. Mi-171Sh helicopter proved out itself     in military conflicts, anti-terror operations, counternarcotics actions and search and rescue operations. At that, the helicopters demonstrated high performance in highland areas and hot climate.

First deliveries of Mi-171Sh helicopter to foreign customers were fulfilled in 2002, upon completion of several tests. Over 120 helicopters were delivered through FSUE Rosoboronexport to a number of Middle East countries, South-East Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe. Remarkable fact is that the helicopters were purchased not only by Russia’s partners in the field of military-technical cooperation, but also by NATO countries. During the period of 2005 to 2008, 26 helicopters were delivered to Czech Republic and Croatia.

According to the policy of the Russian Federation Government regarding modernization of the Armed Forces Ministry of Defense started purchasing Mi-171AMTSh helicopters. In 2009 a government defense order for delivery of the first batch of the helicopters was placed in JSC UUAP. In 2010, delivery of Mi-171AMTSh helicopters was continued.

Following the concept of purchasing only modern and high-efficiency weapon, Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation imposed special requirements on the helicopters. So at the customer’s request Mi-171Sh helicopters were equipped with new systems improving efficiency of their combat use. Besides, the helicopters are fitted with special equipment sets including search and rescue and medical facilities. In order to attain a combat task the helicopters are equipped with protective means sets, as well as avionics and instrumental equipment enabling flights in adverse weather conditions at any time of the day.

At the moment Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is planning to continue purchasing of Mi-171Sh helicopter in 2011.

Mi-8AMTSh (Mi-171Sh) helicopter is a military transport helicopter developed on the basis of Mi-171 (Mi-8AMT) helicopter. Mi-171Sh helicopter can be equipped with guided missile weapon (Shturm-V system), unguided missile weapon, gun armament, protective means sets. The helicopter is meant for transportation of 37 paratroopers, cargo up to 4000 kg, 12 injured on stretchers, for performing search and rescue missions (including CSAR). The helicopter can destroy armored vehicles, weapon emplacements of “pillbox” and “bunker” types, surface targets, enemy troops under cover and other mobile and fixed targets. One of the distinctive features of Mi-171Sh helicopter is that Ulan-Ude aviation plant uses aircraft technologies during its production.

Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, JSC – the enterprise in Russia making both helicopters and airplanes. The manufacturing and technological capacities of the Plant makes it possible to quickly start production of new aircraft types and combine the manufacture of prototypes and mass production. Over 8000 aircraft have been built over the 70-year history of the Plant. Today it produces the Mi-171, Mi-171Sh helicopters.

Russian Helicopters, JSC is an affiliated company of UIC Oboronprom. It is the managing body of the following helicopter industry enterprises: Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, Kamov, Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, Kazan Helicopters, Rostvertol, Progress named after N.I. Sazykin, Arsenyev Aviation Company, Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, Vpered Moscow Machine-Building Plant, Stupino Machine Production Plant, Reductor-PM , Novosibirsk Aircraft Repairing Plan, and Helicopter Service Company.

Partners of JSC “Russian Helicopters”: LLC “Aero Taxi-Service” (production and maintenance of aircraft interiors); JSC “R.E.T. Kronshtadt” (design and supply of sea and air training simulator systems, military-oriented navigation equipment and avionics); JSC “Tranzas” (design of software solutions, navigation systems, simulators for sea and river fleet aviation); CJSC CSTS “Dinamica” (developing, production and after sale service of full range of technical training facilities for flying crews and maintenance engineers for military and civil aviation); JSC “BETA IR” (production of test equipment and avionics); JSC “Uralsky civil aviation plant” (overhaul of engines and its components as well as main gear boxes of helicopters).

OPK Oboronprom, JSC is a diversified engineering group founded in 2002. It is included into Russian Technologies State Corporation. The main areas of business are helicopter manufacturing (JSC Russian Helicopters) and engine manufacturing (United Engine-building Corporation Managing Company).

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