First major contract with helicopter training center HTP Ostrava

First major contract with helicopter training center HTP Ostrava 23 Dec, 10, Source: CSTS Dinamika

The 8th of December 2010 saw the first major contract signed between Training center HTP Ostrava and MoD in Czech Republic on training flight crews for the Mi-171helicopter. The first crews started training on December 9th. The core of the program is training for emergencies including landing at windmill caused by engine or anti-torque rotor breakdowns, training for take-offs and landings in dust and snow vortexes.

Today HTP Ostrava CZ is the only training center in Europe that offers its clientele the whole range of services in training piloting and maintenance of the Mi-171 transport helicopters. Developed by CSTS Dinamika, the Mi-171 simulator is run in the center as part of the private investment project in the sphere of civil aviation realized by a Russian company CSTS Dinamika and a Czech company THT Ostrava, Cz. The Mi-171 level-1 FTD was developed by specialists from Dinamika for the civil variant of the Mi-171 helicopter and doesn’t comprise weapon systems’ imitators. Interested in training military pilots for piloting, navigation and emergencies, Czech Military Department issued a certificate enabling operation of the Mi-171 simulator.

The Mi-171 real-world cockpit enables training for piloting and navigation in the entire operational envelope including instrument and visual flights, day and night-time missions. The visual system provides high-degree detalization for out-of-the-cockpit views, real objects and visual effects namely landscapes, vegetation, seasons, lightning, clouds, fog, dust and snow vortexes, etc. Apart from the simulator the training complex includes CBT. At present the FTD is being certified for compliance with the JAR standards.

Dinamika is planning to deliver the sling load operator option to provide crews cooperation training for load transporting, fire fighting, high-precision installation works, etc.

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