Austria’s OAMTC air ambulance flew 14,816 missions in 2010

Austria’s OAMTC air ambulance flew 14,816 missions in 2010

5-Jan-2011 Source: OAMTC

[electronic translation from original German press release]

Future of the Air Ambulance in Austria for the time being secured

“The operational activities of emergency medical helicopter ÖAMTC has increased again in 2010,” said Reinhard Kraxner, managing director of ÖAMTC air ambulance. “Overall, our 16 helicopters flew 14 816 operations, which are 886 more than in 2009.” These average more than 40 operations per day than 12,700 patients were treated.

Use the strongest day for 2010 was 1 August 78 missions in 15 hours. Most flew missions in “Christophorus 9” in Wien (1,770), followed by “Christophorus Europa 3” (1.205) in Suben and Christopher 3 “(1,193) in Wiener Neustadt. “The high number of applications shows how important the ÖAMTC ambulance helicopter for emergency medical care in Austria,” notes Kraxner. “Because when it comes to life or death, is one for people that need to be cared for in intensive care, every minute.”

In 27 years, more than 210,000 applications
“The essential task of ÖAMTC ambulance helicopter crews is to provide injured after an accident or in patients with acute illnesses, emergency medical assistance,” says Kraxner the requirements. There are many reasons that make use of ÖAMTC air ambulance is necessary. Most often (42.9 percent) have been called to internal medicine and neurological emergencies. Accidents at work, at home, at school or in leisure operations in 2321 were the reason for alerting the helicopter. Traffic accidents in turn made only accounted for just 10 percent of all bets.

Since its founding 27 years ago, flew helicopters in the air ambulance ÖAMTC over 210,000 operations. “280 Without the 48 pilots, doctors and the 250 flight paramedics of the Red Cross, the Vienna Ambulance and Mountain Rescue would be the immediate help from the air, however, impossible,” Kraxner is proud of the commitment of the emergency medical helicopter crews.

Intermediate solution with the Ministry of Interior
In the coming six months, the ÖAMTC ambulance helicopter will take off from bases in Innsbruck, Lienz, Salzburg, Linz, Klagenfurt, Graz and Niederöblarn and ensure that emergency medical supplies from the air. After the termination of existing contracts so the future of air rescue in five provinces (Tyrol, Salzburg, Carinthia, Upper Austria and Styria) is completely uncertain and the uncertainty was large in the population.

“The Interior Ministry and the ÖAMTC now have jointly worked out a temporary solution, which gives countries sufficient time to work without time pressure independent and tailor-made solutions,” said Kraxner. Already many places on the table approaches are diverse. The fact is that both the ÖAMTC and for those responsible in the states continues to be the man and his medical care quality is the focus. “The temporary solution now guarantees that people not in the meantime, the emergency medical care from the air have to do without,” the managing director of ÖAMTC Air Ambulance says in conclusion.

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