Register Update – USA – 29 Nov – 6 December 2010

Register Update – USA – 29 Nov – 6 December 2010

7-Jan-2011 Source: Aviation Codes Central

This news item is part of the “Register Updates” series, listing helicopters which have been added to a particular national register, removed from it or the listed owner has changed. Our coverage represents the majority of registration and owner changes within the global civilian helicopter fleet. Most updates are weekly or monthly, although some are less frequent.



N322RG    SA 318C    (2101)    Aviators II LLC ex N311DB
N330JB    S269C    (S1755)    J & T Flying Service Inc, Wilmington DE
N424AE    B206L-4    (52424)    Bell Helicopter, Fort Worth TX
N431GB    B407    (54050)    Bell Helicopter, Fort Worth TX
N431LH    UH-1H    (71-20257)    (No owner listed) ex 71-20257
N431MH    UH-1H    (70-16366)    (No owner listed) ex 70-16366
N431NH    UH-1H    (70-16478)    (No owner listed) ex 70-16478
N431QA    A600 Talon    (8037)    V Contreras, San Ysidro CA
N849PA    EC 135 P2+    (0940)    American Eurocopter, Grand Pairie TX
N9453    R44 II    (13072)    Robinson Helicopter Co, Torrance CA


N134BH    B407    (53981)    To US Military (believed for onward to Iraqi military)
N206RL    B206B    (2759)    To Canada
N311DB    SA 318C    (2101)    Reregistered to N322RG
N364SV    B407    (53887)    To Ireland
N369HP    MD369E    (0232E)    To New Zealand
N377SH    AW119 MKII    (14765)    To Brazil
N37LP    B407    (53049)    To Canada
N388BB    B407    (53979)    To US Military (believed for onward to Iraqi military)
N388EB    B407    (53980)    To US Military (believed for onward to Iraqi military)
N412UB    B407    (53998)    To Argentina
N44942    R44 II    (13059)    To Brazil
N49WG    H269A    (66-0589)    (No owner listed)
N62LA    B206B    (4025)    To Chile
N792L    S-76C    (760792)    To Brazil
N939DC    AS350 B2    (4510)    To Switzerland as HB-ZAM
N98EC    R22B    (1049)    To Brazil


N129ES    R44 II    (12173)    SHI Aviation LLC, Lake Stevens WA
N145PD    R44 II    (11179)    Choker Block LLC, Wilmington DE
N167AL    H369D    (27-0083D)    A&P Helicopters Inc, Richvale CA
N170AM    B206L-3    (51036)    C Spears, Silsbee TX
N199FF    MD369FF    (0099FF)    Heavy Lift Helicopters, Fresno CA
N237AG    AW109E    (11723)    Agusta 11029 Inc, Wilmington DE
N247LE    AS350 B2    (3709)    7/13/7 LLC, Encino CA
N322AL    R44 II    (10559)    P L Cortes, Moca, Puerto rico
N403UB    B407    (54007)    Titus Holdings LLC, Allen KY
N408RC    S-61N    (61738)    EP Aviation LLC, Wood Dale IL (but likely operating in Afghanistan)
N4361R    R44 II    (12816)    G Bar Interests Inc, Wilmington DE
N444ML    R44 II    (11593)    J P Barrett, Calistoga CA
N4467V    H369HS    (12-0363S)    Rotor View Inc, Wilmington DE
N560EH    R44 II    (10589)    D L Guy, Selbyville DE
N74498    R44 II    (10763)    Tumbleweed Leasing Co Inc, Salt Lake City UT
N771AR    UH-1H    (66-00906)    Heli-USA Corp, Clermont FL
N771MM    R22B    (2644)    J M Mabry, Princeton IL
N7762    B47G    (K931)    C L Peterson, Woodlands TX
N86198    F-28C    (521-2)    H&H Road Boring Co Inc, Inola OK
N8744F    H269A    (42-0064)    D Owens, Mustang OK
N8975    B47D1    (607)    C L Peterson, Woodlands TX
N915MH    UH-12C    (936)    M K Hein, LeHigh Acres FL

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